Monday, October 6, 2008


Is it a possibility that maybe someone could help me? I've read all of the links and things that I am suppose to and it's just seems to be written in a different language to me. I've even printed everything out so I could look at maybe what I can do.
This is reminding of when I was in high school. When the teacher gave out assinments, she would take me and 2 others girls out in the hall and read it to us, making sure that we understood it. If I read something that I can't get, I need help. And none of this makes any sense to me.
So, if I don't make it over....then I guess thats it. It was nice to be in J-Land.


sanguinelioness said...

You know, I don't understand computers, eithers. I don't think I will be able to take my journal files over, but I just made a new one. You can go to and create a new blog. Don't stop journaling! Don't let this stop you. I keep re telling my story...AOL journals would not work for me as I could not publish entries I typed. I had to go to blogger if I wanted to actually save what I wrote. I just didn't write much because I was lonely. Now everyone is over there...come on over!
I hope someone can give you the advice you are looking for. If not, please just come over like I did :o)

sanguinelioness said...

oh, I forgot to leave my new address, sorry.
please feel free to visit me over there!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))))Please dont stop journaling,I thought I wanted to stop,I was having a very,very hard time with creating a Blog,it will take time for you to get the hang of it,I would like to help in any way I can.I had to delete my first Blog and I had to make a new one,let me tell you when I say I made a new one,I have no clue what I did,but glad I have done it,now it seems easy to have a Blog and its pretty kewl,once you get the hang of it.I will say this again,its not easy and alot of people were having a hard time.But please,dont let it get you down,come on over,we want you there,I want you there.I dont want to loose you as a readrer.Here is my new Blog,when you go over there,you will see a list of things in the right hand corner were it says create a new Blog,you hit on that and you will have to create a google account,than your Blog.Hope it helps.

jennyp51 said...

I am told Magic smoke is now giving instructions on how to move your journal across.  I just started a new one but i will try to move my old one over just to save it.  I am much too tired from playing with new blog to attempt it all yet though.
Jenny <><

ndnhunny30 said...

Sorry hun that it is hard for you! Here is a link to mine if you want to stop by. If I can help in any way I can try but I think that magic smoke has some instructions on it. Let me know what your having the hardest time with and we will try to get you up and running ;) Have you made a blog at Blogger yet?
Love and hugs, Robyn

helmswondermom said...

If you are still having trouble email me, okay?  My migration went well, and if you have any problems, we'll get you there somehow.  Let me know how it's going.

pharmolo said...

Drop me a line, Lisa, if you're still having problems. Will see if I can help in any way.


merry1621 said...

WEll, I am not in this group exactly, but Lisa, I just wanted you to know that I am havng problems doing this too.  Also, I wanted to thank you being my friend and no matter what, let us not lose touch.  Merry

Miss Slick One said...

Wish I could help, but I didn't have an AOL Journal, so I would have no idea what you were asking me about.
Good luck!

Jeanie said...

HOw lovely to see you on Blogspot Lisa.
I haven't been able to transfer my journal across although I managed to save some of it to my computer. Dippy me! I hope to keep up with everyone soon. Meanwhile all the best with your new Blogger.
Jeanie xx