Saturday, October 18, 2008

~This is where I'm at!~

Click Here! I now have a blog. Not by my choice. Aol's choice.
You have a wonderful day! Remember to do, say or anything to make you laugh!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just can't believe all of this. It says to take one page at a time and put them in word procceser. Oh sure, I'm able to do that!
I also got an AOL email stating that they have decided to just take our journals away because AOL wasn't seeing enough people journaling?!!!? Like I always say; Either leave it alone or let "US JOURNALERS" decide from a poll!



Monday, October 6, 2008


Is it a possibility that maybe someone could help me? I've read all of the links and things that I am suppose to and it's just seems to be written in a different language to me. I've even printed everything out so I could look at maybe what I can do.
This is reminding of when I was in high school. When the teacher gave out assinments, she would take me and 2 others girls out in the hall and read it to us, making sure that we understood it. If I read something that I can't get, I need help. And none of this makes any sense to me.
So, if I don't make it over....then I guess thats it. It was nice to be in J-Land.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm not getting it....I need help here.....

I'm not getting on how to back up and move it. I feel like an idiot. Its like reading a foreign language to me.



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will be missed :o(

This is something very hard to swollow. I guess I thought this would never happen. I took for granted our journals.
Again, why don't they ever ask the journalers first? Everytime one of them gets a hair moved in the wrong spot, we pay for it. This really pisses me off!
30 days left! :o( Maybe I'll use my web page. I'd like to know who decided it?
I'm so very upset! And I know that all of J-Land is. This was our community.
Well, I guess I'll be learning how to back this up.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Nothing special

Hello, I hope all had a great weekend.

I wasn't on line yesterday. I just stayed in bed watching the news. I had to kick my own butt out of bed to get my adl's done. Then got back in my spot. :o) It was just a lazy day for me.

I don't remember what I did on Saturday. But I do remember what I did in the evening. I sat and watched old videos. They started from 2005 on this camcorder. All of my other videos our from 1995 until now.
They made me laugh and cry. :o) Mainly laughed. Kayden was a baby in them! lol He actually acted and looked like Andrew! I couldn't believe it. Nena did say that the two of them are alot alike. I see it now. lol She has her hands ful right now...I told her, "Just wait!" I remember how her and Jason was when they were younger! Good Grief!

Nena has a job now as well. She loves it. Extra money and getting out of the house. Thats good for her. :o)
Her husband Jeremy watches the kids when she works. Dh went over there last evening and they were outside with the grill making 'cheese burgers!' Kayden loves cheese burgers. :o) And Andrew was in his little bouncy thing having fun. lol It's so good to see Jeremy with the kids...he's really grown up when Andrew was born. Very proud of him. He's taking good care of my daughter and my grandsons. I couldn't be anymore happier with that! :o)

About my last entry...yes, I do have a history of sleep walking. Like I've said before, when I was 6 I woke up 2 houses down the street in between two elderly people. I was scared! I also remember waking up in different places. I do still have the activity, but It's controlled by medicines now. Only because I can't be out of bed without my walker or my cane. I can seriously injur myself. My activity is just in my bed. when I do have those, I wake up just like I did when I was doing the actual 'walking.' I hope I'm not confusing you! :o) It really is to me as well. :o) I have sleep tests and the ones I have for a moble 24 hour...shows the samething as the ones I go to the hospital for the tests.
I have turned my camcorder on while sleeping. What I got is something making noises in there with me! Which I wasn't prepared to hear that! In a couple of them, I've seen 'orbs'. In another, I've seen my bed rail on the left (facing it) move back and forth. Now I know how hard it is to move that one. Well, it's the one the blue throw is in. When I wake up, I'm half scared to watch them. I lived in one of this towns haunted houses. Nothing there scared me. Even coming face to face with one of the 'ghost men.'  I'm so baffeld at the way I'm feeling with this house. I told the 'others' at my older house, that we are going to be living together, so get used to it.
I wasn't expecting at all when I watch the tapes. There are loud noises and banging, things that I don't have in my room to make that sort of noises.
I know this will sound odd to some of you, but when we looked at this house, I felt an older man in this room I can even go down to the details, and he doesn't bother anything, just does his own thing. There's also a woman on the stairs. She loves the babies. My grandsons have always looked up where I can feel her, and they laugh. As the time goes by, she's letting me see more of her and she stays back also.

Maybe my bedroom has 'someone' in it that I havent felt yet. Who knows. I know that I do not like bed time! I pray, because at that time, I'm the only one up. My mom helped me smudge the house. of that subject.......
Health wise this weekend just my upper thighs are still killing me. My right shoulder is still hurting me. Man that hurts! I've tried to rub it out myself, and I have to get under the shoulder blade, push down on the most painful spot and move my arm slowly, and to help my range of movement. No luck this time, but it'll get better. Or I'll put my sling on to take the pressure off of it. It makes my arm feel heavy as well.
This weekend I've been doing alot of thinking about my sister and my best/ex friend and another one of my friends. And, by the way...thank you for signing my guest book! :o) (my guest book is on my side bar, please sign it and leave a link to your journal) You know, you can say I'm sorry for so much and then what do you do? Because I do really mean I'm sorry. I would like to talk to the both of them. Thats probably when hell freezes over. But at least I'm trying here. In the begingof all of my pains from the fibromyalgia...when I was first diagnosed, she thought I was making this all up to get attention! I don't think so! I don't wish this on no one. Damn it hurts! My sister finally believed me after awhile. And everything was talked out then. And my best friend has had my back and I hers for so long. Last year was a pretty bad year for me. I was diagnosed with the MS. Talk about a melt down! I'm actually still not over that, because I'm still feeling like I'm in some type of a gray spirale. I'm doing my best to learn how to except it. My body as well. Something I did, which I seem to do something wrong, all the time, made our friendship suffered a hudge blow. I was getting stuff from dh and her and I was confused. It's almost been a year now. I can't promise that I won't freak out over something medical that'll happen to me. To me, thats just my life. And I can't apoligize for that. Just the things that are out of my control.
Have a GREAT day! :o)



Friday, September 26, 2008

A good dayand/ pictures from last night

Hello! Hoping that all of you with pains are ok.
It's so pretty out side today. And the temp. is only 72 degrees! :o)
My body can actually take this temp. and be fine, but take baby steps. Not stay out for too long.
My son just came in! It startled He's got the dog out back running with her. :o) She needed that.
Again, when I woke up this morning I had alot of things changed. I remembered to take pictures this time.

Thats my bed rail that I use to get in and out of bed. The blue throw was put in between the rail and my bed.

The little box is what I keep my drinks in so the don't spill. That Sprite can is not mine! Messed up things around it.

Both ashtrays were empty! I also noticed that in both ashtrays, theres one of mine and of dh's!

My tv. was turned on.

My fan was turned off!

My light was turned on again.
I've asked about everyone I know to see if they can sit up while I sleep to see whats going on. All nay's and no yay's.
Today, my legs are bothering me. In my upper thighs are this hudge muslce cramp. It's on both of them. So walking is kind of hard to do right now.
I'm wraping this up! **********Poof***********