Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well.....? :o)

Well....yesterday I was cleaning my computer room. I picked up a box that I've picked up many times just has some computer software in it. Not big at all. I bent down and started back up again, I heard something crack in my lower back! Yikes! oooops! All I did was move it maybe 3 steps, but boy did my back hurt. When I started to straighten up, my lower back and my left hip was killing me. I should have known better. :o) Geesh! But, having this disease, I guess you can do the same thing over and over again and be fine, and then it only takes one time to mess you up. And it did for the whole day. My physical therapist came and tried to work it out for me. It really didn't work, but the rest of my body is almost back to it's "normal" self....yay! She was happy to see that, and so am I. :o) I basically layed in bed most of the day to try to feel better. It really hurt to even walk. It helped a bit. This morning when I woke's gone! :o) YESSS! Whew! :o) I also was able to get 8 hours of sleep as well! :o) That helps too. :o) Today, I still need to clean my room and this room, but I think I'll deffinetly watch what I'm doing, and ask for help. Thats still the one thing thats hard for me to learn to do, ask for help. I honestly don't know why. But, today I will. :o) Gentle to hugs to you all. :o)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Better then yesturday. :o)

I can't believe how much better I've gotten. :o) My physical therapist couldn't come this morning, because she was sick. But I think she would have been impressed on my progress. :o) I know I am. I still have a few muscle lumps on my upper right chest area, and my upper right arm, but thats all that I've noticed so far. :o) I'm in a pain level of a 6 right now. yay! There are still a few things that I can not do though. But I'm just so grateful for how I am right now. :o) Gentle hugs to you all. :o)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's been great!

For the past few days, it's been great! I have been getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night! :o) Wow! I wake up with no pain! It's been years since thats happened! :o) The severe pain I was in for weeks, is now going away finally! YESSS! :o) I recomend this bed to you all, it's well worth the money. :o) Yes....I do have a mom thats always said that she'd do as much as she possible can to help me with this fibromyalgia. It hurts her to see me like this. I would be the same if it were any of my children. :o) She also knows that I do use a computer as another form of comuication if I am at home alone. Thats why she knew I needed one fast. She really worries about me and has always been here for me no matter what. :o) Yes...she is so awsome! I could never ask for a better mom. :o) She's been there for me all my life. And she told me that it isn't going to stop now! :o) I love her to death! :o) I'm feeling great. I can now wake up with a good posture. wow! :o) Everyday I do feel very blessed....not only because of the new bed and computer.....because I know God is taking good care of me. :o) I'm blessed to be able to have every day that I do have. :o) I still can't get over how I'm feeling right now....and I just got up almost an hour ago! It usually takes me awhile longer to be able to feel like writing. So far, my left upper chest and arm is better now and almost back to normal. :o) yay! My right upper chest and back and upper arm is so much better. :o) There are still a few small muscle lumos, but they are not in the pain that they were in. My hips are getting better as well. I'm not on a pain level of a hard 9 anymore, I'm at a 7! yay! :o) Thats such a big differance. I'm patient when it comes to this disease...meaning if I have severe pain, I wait it out and move with the waves it puts me on...I feel that there's nothing else that I can do. I have plenty of :o) Going now....gentle hugs to you all! :o)

Friday, June 24, 2005

A whirlwind. :o)

Boy....the past two days have been a whirlwind for me. :o) In a good way. My other computer comited suicide on me, so I needed a new one. Having fibromyalgia, my computer is very helpful for me. I'm sure it is for a lot of others as well. :o) I called my mom in a panic. She said lets go and get you another one then! I was so overwhelmed, I started to shake. And more pain set in. That happens to me if I get really upset, or very excited....I don't know why, just like the weather, too cold I can't take or too hot I can't either. Weird. :o) So we went and she bought me a new computer.....this is so new for me, it has windows xp, and I'm still trying to get around on Thats how old my other one was. :o) Plus, a few weeks ago, she ordered me a bed for people like me. is the web site. Yesterday, it finally came! :o) I reacted the same way....crying and everything I did the day before. I started to shake again and was getting weak. I had to calm down. Way too much excitment for me in so little time. lol Not used to that. Then I find out that today is the day that our central air will be installed! Geesh! What a week this has been! :o) I feel so blessed! :o) My left upper are and chest are better, and my right side is still swollen, but I've noticed it too is getting a bit better. :o) Finally! :o) I think that new medicine the doctor gave me is helping. yay! :o) Well, all have a great day, and gentle hugs to all. :o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Well...I'm still the same as I was yesterday. I'm still having the electrical pain in my right arm, and everything else, the muscles are the same. I did get another 8 hours of sleep in last night! YAY! :o) That should help with the healing. I had a great day yesterday as well! My mom and I went to Bob Evan's for coffee, and we seen my cousin that I haven't seen in 8 years! When we were babies, we were raised like brother and sister. :o) We were very close. :o) I lost contact with him, and haven't seen him since, until yesterday! :o) When he seen us, he sat down next to me and gave me the biggest hug I could ever have! :o) It hurt my right arm....but I didn't care at all! :o) He gave me his address and phone number and I did as well. :o) I told him about the fibromyalgia, and he cried. I let him know that I was ok with it, and what really got to him was when I told him there was no cure for it. He gave me another big hug. I can't wait to be able to see him again! I really miss him being in my life. :o) "We were like peas and carrots!" lol :o) I had to say that! lol :o) But we were. :o) So, my day yesterday was stress free. :o) Plus a good nights sleep. So, I know I have to start getting better now. :o) Gentle hugs to you all. :o)

Monday, June 20, 2005 they have moved!

Ok, my physical therapist was just here. I let her know how my weekend was, and how weak my legs were. I started getting these pains in my right arm that feels like an electrical shock. I let her know that, and she said that is my nerves acting up. Good grief! She started the massage and now my lower back has the muscle lumps. So it is becoming a much larger area now. Plus, it's now all the way down into my hips, which explains why my legs are so weak. My upper chest and arms on both sides are the same. Still hurts real bad as always. Again, it made me cry just to have my shoulders and upper arms massaged. The muscle lumps have also gone down passed my elbow now as well. that really hurts too. As soon as I can figure this disease out, I know I can beat this thing! :o) The muscle cramps that is. :o) Gentle hugs to you all. :o) And Blessings to all. :o)

Now I have the shakes......

Ok....yesterday my legs were so weak that I could hardly walk, and then my arms got weak as well. Today, I woke up and I have the shakes real bad. With the same as I had yesterday. Geesh! :o) My physical therapist will be coming soon, and I can't wait. I don't like feeling this way at all, but it's just what I have to deal with while having this disease. I'm hopeful that I'll be better tomorrow. I did, however, get 8 hours of sleep last night. YAY! :o) Again....this too shall pass! I have the patients for it. :o)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I finally got some sleep! YAY! :o)

I was able to get some much needed sleep last night, I was able to sleep 7 hours! YES! When I got up this morning, my legs are very weak. I had a hard time even walking. I know I didn't do anything to exert them yesterday. I suppose it's just part of fibromyalgia. :o) They'll get better. Everything else is still the same as it has been. I don't know why the lumps (swollen muscles) haven't went down any. I guess they too need more time as well. It's to the point to where I'm almost getting used to the pain....I don't know if thats good or not, but I am any ways. :o) Thats all for right now....gentle hugs to you all. :o)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Well... :o)

I was able to get 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Not bad. What woke me up were my heels! No matter what position I got into, they feel like they are on fire! I've never had that feeling before. It feels kind of creepy. I tried rubbing them, and of course nothing has worked so far. Everything else is still the same. :o( But, I know I will feel better some day. This too shall pass. :o)

Friday, June 17, 2005

The same.

I've been the same now for days. I still have the same swollen muscles on both sides of my upper front and back shoulder area. My right side of my back is still swollen, and both hips are hurting as well. I did get 7 hours of sleep last night and the night before I got 8! YAY! :o) That helps somewhat. I've had a pretty good day so far. Just glad it's Friday. Gentle hugs to you all. :o)

Thursday, June 16, 2005


My physical therapist came this morning. I'm now worse then I was yesterday. The muscle "lumps" that are swelleing, are now moving down my body. They are in my hips and lower back, and upper thighs. I took care of the "stresser" last night, and I do feel better getting it off my chest. I just hope it works. :o) My therapist told me that my whole body is now in exacerbation. I wish I could show a picture of my right upper arm. I have such a large "lump"'s kind of gross to look at and very painful. But, again.....there must be a reason for all of this, and I'll just take it one day at a time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

If I only knew......

I went to see my doctor this morning. At least I'm not in the hospital as yet. He told me that he's never seen a fibromyalgia patient in this bad of condition without them either having a severe fall, or have been in a car accident! He found more muscle lumps on me that I didn't even know about. And, now my left side is just like the right! Geesh! I have to go in for x-ray's and more blood tests. He wants to make sure I didn't injure myself and not realize it. But I didn't. I told him how this all started. Stress! All from last Wednesday. My daughter's boy friends mother will not leave me alone. She has done nothing but email me and call ever since the baby has been born. She is not nice to me at all. Even though I've told her straight out to leave me alone...she hasn't. I delete the emails. If it comes down to it, I'll have to do something legal to keep her from me. It's just down right creepy for the way she is acting towards the baby! I told my daughter when she visits there to keep a good eye on the baby! It's that weird! I told my doctor this, and he wants me to do my best to keep away from her. I'm trying! She'll just show up at my door. He put me on another medication for anxiety. :o( Just what I need...another pill. He wants to see me again in 2 weeks, and if I'm not any better by then, he said then he'll put me in. :o( Again, I never knew that stress can do so much to you. But again, it is a tremendous amount that she has put me through, and still is. After I tell her for the last time to leave me alone....and if she doesn't, I will have to resort to something legal. I need my health over her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nothing has changed :o(

So far, nothing has changed with my right shoulder and back area. :o( My physical therapist told me again yesterday that I need to call my doctor again, because she feels that it would be a good idea to be put in the hospital now. She said that they can put me on a few IV's that will take the pain away, and help my muscles. I did call my doctor, and they couldn't get me in until Wednesday. I'm still the same, so I'm sure I will be tomorrow as well. :o( I'm not able to wear my sling because it goes right were the muscles are swollen. I've been doing everything that I can think to do, even taking the Vicodines. I only take those when absolutly necessary. I don't like them. I still can't believe that the muscle relaxer shot didn't even help. This is the worst I've ever been, and this is really scaring me. But, this is what fibromyalgia is all about I suppose. I'm still just living it day by day. And thank God for each and every day that I do have. :o)

Friday, June 10, 2005

No words can describe this.

After the last entry....I have gotten much worse. I've never been this bad. The whole right side of my body continued to get worse all day Wednesday. I took 2 Vicodines and they didn't even help! None of my medicines helped. Nothing I did. My physical therapist came on Thursday morning and she seen how bad the right side was. She really worked on me pretty good. She told me that I might want to consider calling my doctor to get another muscle relaxer shot. So I did, and they called in another muscle relaxer medicine, and made the appointment for the shot this morning. I'm not able to comb my hair or dress myself, so I had to go with uncombed hair and in my night gown...I really didn't care, not when you're in this much pain. The doctor came in and saw me, and he imeditatly seen how swollen the right side is. He told me that if I would have waited any longer to see him, I would have been put in the hospital to be treated! Whew....I'm glad I called when I did. I never knew that this disease could do something this horrid to you....I do now. So...for the next 2 days I have to wear my sling for my arm, and not to use my right side at I'm going to do that, I don't know. Probably bed rest...gggrrr. But, if it will help get me better, I'll do anything at this point. Gently hugs to you all. :o)

Wednesday, June 8, 2005


I couln't sleep once again tonight. I went to bed at 9:30, and got up at around 11:45! I went back to bed to try to get some rest.....didn't happen. I tried all positions that I could to help ease my back and shoulder pain....didn't work either. I finally got up at 2:00. This will be another long day. It's 86 out right now, and it's so humid. The town north of us is 5 minutes away, and they got pounded with a storm last night....we've yet to see any rain. At least it will bring the humidity down and maybe the heat a bit. I can take the pain from rain better then I can the humidity and heat. I know that sounds funny, but it's doesn't seem as intence. I honestly don't know what to physical therapist is doing her best, and my medicines aren't helping right now. I don't want to take any more Vicodines. They do help a lot, but it also scares me to take them, I don't want to rely on them too much....heard too many horror stories on them. We have the air conditioners on high, and it still feels hot to me....of course thats part of this disease. I'm used to it. I want to thank everyone that has written comments with such nice things to say. :o) It does help me to know that there are you out there that are getting me by with your kind words. :o) Gentle hugs to you all. :o)

Monday, June 6, 2005

Not any better.

Well, my physical therapist came this morning, and I couldn't wait. Most of my body was worse off then I even realized. My right shoulder has been in so much pain that I haven't even noticed the rest. After she had left, I gave it a few hours to see how I felt. I was still in too much pain. I can barely use my right arm. I finally broke down and took 2 Vicodines. I'm suppose to take them once a day, but I don't. I feel I'd much rather take them only in cases like this. It helped. :o) It took my shoulder and neck pain away. I was then able to lay down and get some rest. The pain is now coming back all over again. At least I'm thankful for the time I had without it. :o) Here we go again! :o) Thats just the pitfalls of this beastly disease.

Not any better.

Well, my physical therapist came this morning, and I couldn't wait. Most of my body was worse off then I even realized. My right shoulder has been in so much pain that I haven't even noticed the rest. After she had left, I gave it a few hours to see how I felt. I was still in too much pain. I can barely use my right arm. I finally broke down and took 2 Vicodines. I'm suppose to take them once a day, but I don't. I feel I'd much rather take them only in cases like this. It helped. :o) It took my shoulder and neck pain away. I was then able to lay down and get some rest. The pain is now coming back all over again. At least I'm thankful for the time I had without it. :o) Here we go again! :o) Thats just the pitfalls of this beastly disease.

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Not so good!

It's been so hot the past few days....this has been by far the hottest! It's been in the 90's all day. I can't take it. My husband was able to get two air conditioners in to help. He knows what this heat and humidity does to my fibromyalgia. It really has flared up pretty bad. :o( I was doing so good for awhile. I can't seem to cool off. My whole right arm and the whole right side of my back, neck and shoulder is in so much pain. My left leg feels as if it just wants to give out on me again....I hope not. I remember before I was even diagnosed, both legs would just give out, and down I'd go. I've broken so many bones over the years becuase of that....I don't want or need that to start up again. I'm thankful that my physical therapist is coming tomorrow. Whew....I know that will ease some of the pain a bit. My new grandson is doing great. :o) He's as beautiful as my daughter is! :o) I don't hold him much, kind of afraid that my weak arm and leg will give out. If I do hold him, I sit down. :o) My daughter is my sunshine, and he is my little sunbeam. :o) Gentle hugs to all. :o)

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Feeling better. :o)

I'm feeling a bit better then I was. :o) My physical therapist didn't come on Monday. I did get a call from her yesterday asking if she could come over! Of course I said :o) Boy did she really work me over. My body was in such knots. It hurt so bad, but was so helpful for me. :o) Now the only problem that I'm having that really giving me trouble is my right shoulder area, and the right side of my neck. But I do feel so much better. :o) I would say that I'm down to a 6 and 1/2 on my pain scale. :o) YAY! I'm still trying to get back into my own pace again with taking my medicines on time, and taking my naps. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day anymore....I wonder why! lol :o) But, I'm getting there. :o)