Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Things are looking up! :o)

My daughter had her weekly doctors appointment yesturday. Last week she was 1 cm. and this week the baby's head is so low, the doctor couldn't tell how many more cm's she is! So.....it's any time now! :o)

I finally got my scripts yesturday. Geesh! It took long enough. I wish the doctors could feel and go through what I had to the days that I didn't have my medicines. I was able to slepp 5 and a half hours last night! :o) YAY! Finally! :o) The down side of it all is that now my body has to get used to the medicines all over again. Thats ok, I really need them. Without them.....I could really tell a big difference. Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to this liver specialist. I'm not looking forward to it at all. But, if it will help with what ever is wrong, I'll do it. I do know that they want to take a liver biopsy. My best friend just had one 2 weeks ago, and it isn't as bad as I thought. Whew! I think whats messing up my liver is all these pills that were tried on me to see what would work to help. Thats the price you got to pay I suppose. Gentle hugs to all. :o) 

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shelt28 said...

You guys will have a little baby soon!!!