Monday, May 23, 2005

What another few days! :o)

Well....nothing yet so far on my daughter. :o( She is still in the first stages of labor, and is still having small contractions. The poor thing is miserable. She's been doing a lot of walking. I needed to go to the mall and the grocery yesterday, and I had her go with me. :o) By the time we both got were both worn out. :o) I took a nap. :o) I'm doing my best to keep up my strength for her, and to keep my pain level down. Right now it is about a 6 1/2. Not too bad. She has a doctors appointment this morning, and I think he might induce her. At least thats what the nurse said. :o) So....the next time I write, I just might be a grandma! :o) YAY! :o) Gentle hugs to all! :o)

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