Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Feeling better. :o)

I'm feeling a bit better then I was. :o) My physical therapist didn't come on Monday. I did get a call from her yesterday asking if she could come over! Of course I said :o) Boy did she really work me over. My body was in such knots. It hurt so bad, but was so helpful for me. :o) Now the only problem that I'm having that really giving me trouble is my right shoulder area, and the right side of my neck. But I do feel so much better. :o) I would say that I'm down to a 6 and 1/2 on my pain scale. :o) YAY! I'm still trying to get back into my own pace again with taking my medicines on time, and taking my naps. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day anymore....I wonder why! lol :o) But, I'm getting there. :o)


sab2925 said...

Hi Lisa, Any more of those cute grandbaby pictures?,Shirley

dianneclewien said...

I also have fibromyalgia. I was just recently diagnosed with the condition. I find there are days all I can do is sleep. No matter how much I want to stay awake and get things done. I have also discovered that the first half of the day is OK, I can usually motivate and get somethings accomplished, but the afternoons are a lost cause. By this time of day I am so weak I can hardly make myself move. I am trying to get by without medication for as long as I can. I have noticed at times my legs feel like they are going to collapse right out from under me so I can understand how you feel. I also sleep from 10-12 hours some nights which is very unusual for me. Then when I do get up I feel hung over. My normal sleep is maybe 4 hours.
Anyway, good luck to you.

shelt28 said...

My chirpractor worked me over pretty good too. I am taking it easy today.