Friday, June 10, 2005

No words can describe this.

After the last entry....I have gotten much worse. I've never been this bad. The whole right side of my body continued to get worse all day Wednesday. I took 2 Vicodines and they didn't even help! None of my medicines helped. Nothing I did. My physical therapist came on Thursday morning and she seen how bad the right side was. She really worked on me pretty good. She told me that I might want to consider calling my doctor to get another muscle relaxer shot. So I did, and they called in another muscle relaxer medicine, and made the appointment for the shot this morning. I'm not able to comb my hair or dress myself, so I had to go with uncombed hair and in my night gown...I really didn't care, not when you're in this much pain. The doctor came in and saw me, and he imeditatly seen how swollen the right side is. He told me that if I would have waited any longer to see him, I would have been put in the hospital to be treated! Whew....I'm glad I called when I did. I never knew that this disease could do something this horrid to you....I do now. So...for the next 2 days I have to wear my sling for my arm, and not to use my right side at I'm going to do that, I don't know. Probably bed rest...gggrrr. But, if it will help get me better, I'll do anything at this point. Gently hugs to you all. :o)

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shelt28 said...

uh oh. Get some good rest and feel better soon!