Sunday, June 5, 2005

Not so good!

It's been so hot the past few days....this has been by far the hottest! It's been in the 90's all day. I can't take it. My husband was able to get two air conditioners in to help. He knows what this heat and humidity does to my fibromyalgia. It really has flared up pretty bad. :o( I was doing so good for awhile. I can't seem to cool off. My whole right arm and the whole right side of my back, neck and shoulder is in so much pain. My left leg feels as if it just wants to give out on me again....I hope not. I remember before I was even diagnosed, both legs would just give out, and down I'd go. I've broken so many bones over the years becuase of that....I don't want or need that to start up again. I'm thankful that my physical therapist is coming tomorrow. Whew....I know that will ease some of the pain a bit. My new grandson is doing great. :o) He's as beautiful as my daughter is! :o) I don't hold him much, kind of afraid that my weak arm and leg will give out. If I do hold him, I sit down. :o) My daughter is my sunshine, and he is my little sunbeam. :o) Gentle hugs to all. :o)

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shelt28 said...

Isn't it awful!!! And I heard it is supposed to be hotter tomorrow!!!

Kiss the Baby for us here in J Land!