Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nothing has changed :o(

So far, nothing has changed with my right shoulder and back area. :o( My physical therapist told me again yesterday that I need to call my doctor again, because she feels that it would be a good idea to be put in the hospital now. She said that they can put me on a few IV's that will take the pain away, and help my muscles. I did call my doctor, and they couldn't get me in until Wednesday. I'm still the same, so I'm sure I will be tomorrow as well. :o( I'm not able to wear my sling because it goes right were the muscles are swollen. I've been doing everything that I can think to do, even taking the Vicodines. I only take those when absolutly necessary. I don't like them. I still can't believe that the muscle relaxer shot didn't even help. This is the worst I've ever been, and this is really scaring me. But, this is what fibromyalgia is all about I suppose. I'm still just living it day by day. And thank God for each and every day that I do have. :o)

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shelt28 said...

Wow... You are really going thru a bad time now. Take Care of yourself!!!