Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well.....? :o)

Well....yesterday I was cleaning my computer room. I picked up a box that I've picked up many times just has some computer software in it. Not big at all. I bent down and started back up again, I heard something crack in my lower back! Yikes! oooops! All I did was move it maybe 3 steps, but boy did my back hurt. When I started to straighten up, my lower back and my left hip was killing me. I should have known better. :o) Geesh! But, having this disease, I guess you can do the same thing over and over again and be fine, and then it only takes one time to mess you up. And it did for the whole day. My physical therapist came and tried to work it out for me. It really didn't work, but the rest of my body is almost back to it's "normal" self....yay! She was happy to see that, and so am I. :o) I basically layed in bed most of the day to try to feel better. It really hurt to even walk. It helped a bit. This morning when I woke's gone! :o) YESSS! Whew! :o) I also was able to get 8 hours of sleep as well! :o) That helps too. :o) Today, I still need to clean my room and this room, but I think I'll deffinetly watch what I'm doing, and ask for help. Thats still the one thing thats hard for me to learn to do, ask for help. I honestly don't know why. But, today I will. :o) Gentle to hugs to you all. :o)

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