Monday, June 6, 2005

Not any better.

Well, my physical therapist came this morning, and I couldn't wait. Most of my body was worse off then I even realized. My right shoulder has been in so much pain that I haven't even noticed the rest. After she had left, I gave it a few hours to see how I felt. I was still in too much pain. I can barely use my right arm. I finally broke down and took 2 Vicodines. I'm suppose to take them once a day, but I don't. I feel I'd much rather take them only in cases like this. It helped. :o) It took my shoulder and neck pain away. I was then able to lay down and get some rest. The pain is now coming back all over again. At least I'm thankful for the time I had without it. :o) Here we go again! :o) Thats just the pitfalls of this beastly disease.

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