Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Good afternoon. Hoping everyone is doing alright.

I still have this flu/cold. Not cool.I wish that for one day when I post an entry, it won't have anything to do with my health being bad.
Believe me...I know its redundant. So here we go again.
Ok...this is good news for me; Nena brought the kids over last night. :o) We were texting and she said after she got both boy's bath and nails clipped, she wanted to come over. Too bad it wasn't to spend the night. :o) I'll talk her into it one of these days. :o) Both boys were in great moods....yes, very onry! lol I like it that way!
Kayden had a doctors appointment. To see why he isn't talking like he should be. The last time she took him to this other doctor, he sent him to a place where they were teaching him [class] sign language! I had a major cow! I told Nena if she didn't take him out of that class, I would! That isn't progression! This one will actually teach him how to talk. I was having him roll his tongue all around to help excersize it. I knew someone that has a daughter that had to do the samething with her tonugue. She would do it in front of a mirror. I've been doing that with him.
My right hand has enlarged veins on the top and now they are doing the samething thing down to my palm. I didn't hit it and theres no marks at all on it. It feels weird.
I had my last of my chicken soup yesterday. Sounds good for today as well. today is my sisters birthday! :o) I can't remeber how old she is. 36 I think. :o) Then mine is on the 28, and are grandma's was on the 29! Amazinly close.
I need to get off of here.



hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))I am sorry that your hand has been hurting,sounds very painful.I know Kayden will be talking in no time,I had to have speech therepay when I was little,I couldnt talk at all when I was little and I ha to have an opertion,now I cant stop talking.LOL.

eyesbaerle said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time with your little ones.
Your flu/cold is very persistence .... Maybe you should go back to your doctor and get stronger meds. I hope your veins on your hand will get better. I know it can get very uncomfortable and at times even painful. Sometimes I'll get this too. - But I don't know what causes it or what it is.  (???) Wishing you a good night. Hugs, Maria

specialadyfink said...

Has  he been checked for Autism??My grandson didn't talk for a long time-then only for me and Bob-not his parents..now he never shuts up,LOL
Hehas aspbergers..gets almost all A's in school but is slow in other areas.
Wish you felt better :-(
many hugs

helmswondermom said...