Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~I'm doing my best.

Good afternoon. I hope that all of you are feeling and doing alright.

The last few days, I couldn't post an entry or comment. So, I was having an aol fit! :o)
I've mostly, as always, been in bed resting to keep my legs, ankles and feet down from being swollen. They all started in yesterday.  <uuugghhh>  Theres a cold/flu going around. Guess who got it.....yep, a virus can't pass me up, huh?! :o)    I did, however, watch those tapes. Talk about boring. But I feel that this was and is very important to do. The next tape I'm going to really give a good look at is the one where I have the start of a sezuir in. The doctor really needs to see that.
I'm just going to ride this cold/flu out. It takes 7-10 days no matter what you do to get rid of it.
Well, my nurse still hasn't come yet this morning. It's too quit in this house for me. Well, unless you hear the back door slam a few times. That one was going on all day yesterday. We've all heard that one when we moved in.

I would love it if my babies came. :o) Kayden wasn't up to par the last I heard. Bless him. Andrew is doing fine, just looking around and smilling at everyone! :o) He's such a happy baby. :o)
Today, I'm going to just lay around. Boy is that lazy! LOL I really do miss working big time. Oh well.

I think I should eat alittle, my stomach is blah! I've been having crackers. But my mouth is so dry, it makes it hard to eat them. :o)

I'm going to make some vegetable soup. It just sounds good to me. I hope that I can still do everything. The other night I was trying to make something, (I don't remember) And nothing worked out at all! Alot of it are my hands. I just was a cry baby as always. So dh finished it for me. I've almost lost the use of my hands. I couldn't believe how fast that was.
Dh has been rubbing my feet before he or I go to bed.He really slathers the cream on his hands and my feet are looking so good. :o) The do feel better. Like he said, he hasn't seen my feet in a long time...before all of these illnesses started on me.
  This is me during the day trying to remember things. I've noticed how much I've been struggling just to talk.
I've seen now that I can't beet this. I just have to flow with it. And that I can do.

Thank you for signing my guestbook Guido! :o) You cheered me up.
BTW.....It's on my side bar. I'm going to go now.


ajquinn354 said...

Lisa thinking of you always, hope you feel the hug I'm sending.  Watched the video but we didn't see what you were talking about dear, possibly the medicines you take are causing you to see things dear, know others it has happened with who weren't feeling well.  Best if the grandkids don't come by if you are having cold/flu problems, know you miss them though....they bring a lot of joy to you. Take care.  Arlene (AJ)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))I am lways praying for you too get better.I know you dont like feeling this way.I hpe you feel better from the flu.When you get  chnce,could you emil me your Birthday?Thanks.

cuteallison1980 said...

I hope you are doing ok this evening and that tomorrow will be a good day for you Lisa.  Hope your family pays you a visit.  Luv ya!


eyesbaerle said...

Hi Lisa, Hope you will have a blessed day today and a very good night.
I hope you will get to rest well and have pleasant dreams.
I watched the videos and really did not see anything strange. Maybe I missed it?
However, I did see the little spots above your head, but I am not sure what they could be. But again, maybe I am just not getting it.
I sure wish you well and sending positive vibes your way. Hugs, Maria

courageoscat06 said...

nice fashion show lol:p