Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow! I got 57 ecards! Thank you so much! And....thank you for signing my guest book as well.

This entry is going to be like half and half. If that makes any sence?

Yesterday was so much fun! I would get worn out alot, but I'd rest then I could get back up.
I was going to take a nap, but I just didn't have the time to. I was wooped! :o)
I got a big cookie, which was really good, a hudge bag of bath and body works! Love that place! And a new digital camera. I was going to sleep in, but around 6:30-7:00 my phone rang. My sister wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday! Well, that blew sleeping in out! lol That was sweet of her. :o)

My grandson put 26 candles on my cake! LOL In the pictures it looks like to me that the cake was on fire! lol and then he helped me blow them out. :o) I have him help me every year now. :o) My grandsons really make me laugh! They're not doing it on purpise, but I think thats the best way, to just be yourself and natual. My son was able to come. So, I had my family, and that makes me happy. :o)

Now the other part. I'm really getting worse real quick. It doesn't seem to be doing like it used to. Yes, I've told my doctor. She gave me a script for my nerves and just plain old anxitiy. Because at times, I start to shake just from nothing. I don't understand this one but, if there is a change in the house, it's just like I'm up 30 stories high, on the ledge! I have like a panic attack imdeiatly. I just have to stand there untill my breathing gets better.
At any time I can fall asleep. I know thats narcolepsy, but only 'like' it. My doctors know this to. I 'll get this sluggish blury feeling and it's almost like being in a fuge state. Now, I've had that happen. I guess one day I was doing the laundry and the kids were home. My brother in law had come over and we talked for awhile and I sat down on my chaise for a few and thats when I "woke" up. That was a freaky thing, and I was scared. I asked the kids what I had done. Because I have I think it was 2 hours unicountable. My neuro then told me that I have those and he couldn't do anything about it! That was the neuro I don't like. What happens is I've worn out the system running in my brain, and like a generator kicks in until I'm better! Amazing!

Well, with whats been going on with me, I remembered the fuge state.
To be honest, I'm not doing so good anymore. I'm going to do my best to just live each day, and to make sure I laugh. And I deffinitly don't need those baby play games either. (the ones played here in J-Land using your journal to get somone else)

I just love this graphic! Thank you Sugar.
Thank you guys for everything yesterday. :o) I gotta go now! God bless you.


ajquinn354 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa, sounds like you had a wonderful day, glad to read that.  Just take each day as it comes, enjoy it to the fullest and allow yourself to laugh every's what keeps us all going dear. Bless you.  Arlene (AJ)

pharmolo said...

I'm sorry to note that things are going downhill - fast. I am happy, in a way, that you are still upbeat about it, which is something I continue to admire. Have a nice evening :-)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you had a nice Birthday and you had your family with you.That wasfunny what Dh put on the cake.I liked the big cookie,I had one before it was good.I am sorry to  hear things are going down hill for you,I wish I could do something for you.Just know,I am always here for you and love you alot.Have a good weekend.