Thursday, July 28, 2005

A bit better.

Ok....I am feeling a bit better. At least it doesn't feel like my shoulders are up to my ears anymore. I finally talked to the people I needed to talk to. I couldn't hold it in any longer, for my health reasons. I went great! :o) So much better then I expected. It felt like I had 50 pounds of weight lifted off of each shoulder! :o) I am still in a full body exacerbation, but, I do feel so much better. :o) With this weather change, that has help a bit as well. I'm getting there, slowly but surly! :o) It's just so hard when you don't have anyone to talk to about certain things. Except for the one friend I did have that I really could let it all out, and she listened and helped me out as well. :o) I haven't been out of the house since my last doctors appointment, and I'm starting to get cabin fever. My room is still a mess with all of the things that I had unpacked a few weeks ago. :o( It would be nice if I had help. I'll do my best to do it myself today, and take as many breaks if I need to. Oh well...I look good on the out side! If anyone only really knew! Thats ok though, I'm so used to it. This morning my grandson has a doctors appointment. He will be getting his first shots, and my daughter has already been crying. :o) Bless her heart! :o) I cried with both of mine when they got their shots as well. :o) I suppose thats all for right now. Thank you everyone for all of your helpful and nice comments! :o) They help me get through this. :o) Bless all of you! Gentle hugs! :o)

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