Friday, July 15, 2005


Wednesday I seen my liver specialist. The numbers of my triglyserides and my cholesterol over the phone by the nurse weren't as high as I originally thought. Whew! :o) The doctor showed me my test results, and said that he expected the numbers to be the way they all were. Because he had me take the blood test one week after he put me on this diet. So, he said that it was better then expected. :o) He put me on Lipitor. Then I see him again the end of August. I have to take another series of blood tests again, which I don't mind. He said that he expects them to be in a normal range. yay! :o) Me too! :o)

The fibro stuff has been really giving me a hard time once again. Again all of my upper arms and chest are swollen and in muscle knots, and my hips and thighs are in more pain. I'm having a hard time sitting and walking. I have very large muscle knots in my thighs and all around both hips as well. I haven't done anything to set it off....just part of having this disease. :o) I'm just waiting it out, because thats all I can do. :o) It will go away. :o) My pain level is an 8 right now. I've excepted it, and now I'm moving on so I can concentrate on other things in my life as well. :o) It will pass. :o)

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