Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I finally got my bedroom done. :o) The only thing I have left to do is to put my clothes in the armoir. I love it! :o) Next it this room. It needs to be cleared out, and organized. Which I have planned to do in the next few days. It will finally feel so nice and comfortable in here as well, like my bedroom is now. :o) I'm still not all the way unpacked from moving here! Yikes! Yesterday my physical therapist came, and geee....my upper chest and arms are swollen pretty bad again. And my right leg and hip isn't doing to well. Oh well...just part of this disease. I need to go back in for chest x-rays, so maybe something will show up for my doctor to see. ::::crossing fingers:::: I also have to go back to see the liver specialist tomorrow. Bummer. But, I feel good about it....it's just the long drive to go see him thats gets to me. :o) Other then all of that, things are going great! :o) I got a red oak tree, and my husband planted it in the front yard. He named it, "Quite Kayden!" Aaaawwww! :o) I'm going to put on the stones around it the date it was planted, and the type of tree, and what grandpa named it! :o) Now my grandson has two things named for him. :o) I named a star for him before he was born, and now a tree! :o) He is so special to us all here. :o) He even helps me with my pain.....just by watching him smile and do his little things, it really helps me to forget my own worries! :o) He's one very special little boy to me! :o) I've also been getting a lot of sleep and enough rest during the day, which is helping as well. yay! :o) So, to sum things up....even though I am in a lot of pain, I'm doing great! :o) My son went to Ft. Meyers Florida on Saturday. He calls me everyday. :o) I miss him already. :o) He said that the hurricane missed that part, and has only rain a bit. Whew! I was worried until I heard from him. He went to the Everglades yesterday and rode on a big fan boat, and today he is going to go deep sea fishing. :o) I'm so glad for him. :o) He went with his girlfriend and her family. So, I'm very excited for him. :o) I'm glad that he gets to experiance all of this. :o) Well....thats about all that has been going on with me. :o) Try to stay cool, and pain free! :o)

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