Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ASAP! :o)

Last evening we finally got the central air back! YAY! :o) At first, it didn't seem that we would be able to find someone that we could afford to fix it. But my husband remembered a friend from work that could help. It only cost $100.00 to fix! :o) That included labor as well! Always Say A Prayer! God does hear you!

I also want to clear something up for someone. "No, I'm NOT playing that game and I'm NOT falling for your little tricks!"

Yesterday was pretty much a painful day for me. The muscle cramping was pretty extreme. Even the bottoms of my feet were cramping up. I know it was because of the heat. This morning I'm feeling better. ;) It was nice and cool in the house last night by the time I went to bed....so I slept better then I did the last 2 nights. That will help with the pains as well. Heat, no sleep, and stress will throw my body in a frinzy! Ouchie! I've had all 3 the last few days.

Today...all I'm going to do is rest. I've been pretty busy with appointments and such to where I haven't been able to rest my body enough after I had my injections. I need to because both of my hips have been hurting a bit, and I don't want loose what I have....mobility.
Again...is there anyone else playing the Post Card Game? :o) Just a reminder. :o)
In my last entry, I wanted to post that poem for a reason. I am a Christian...and I'm human as well. :o) To the one that seems to want to question my faith and my beliefs, I found that poem fitting! :o)  And yes...When I say; God bless all of you..."I" Mean it! :o) Because I know He does everyday! :o)
Thats all for now. God bless all of you! :o)


sangrialel said...

So glad you got your air fixed!!  it would be so hot with out it!  Linda

sugarsweet056 said...

Nice to have air back on, huh? LOL

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you both! :o) It sure is nice to have it back....it's going to get more humid and hotter! Whew...that was close! LOL :o)
Hugs to you both!

akapussnboots said...

hey you, didnt know your air was out. why didnt you say something to me maybe I could of helped out so you could of got it back on sooner. Rhonda