Sunday, July 30, 2006

......nothing different.

Again...I was up last night because of my legs. My husband rubbed them, and it seemed to help a bit. After that....I end up with hives! Geesh! So I took some Benadryl to stop the icthing. I was able to lay back down. :o) Too bad I can't make up for all the sleep I've lost this whole week! lol :o) It kind of just hit me a bit earlier about maybe why my legs are acting up. Just keep praying! I pray for my daughter and the situations that she is going through. And then my grandson feels her emotions and he gets fussy. :o( Plus his teething as well. Yesterday I woke up and my whole left arm was tingling as if I had my fingers in an outlet! Yikes! Didn't feel good. This morning I'm shaky! Good Greif! I'm hanging ten on this wave! :o)
God bless all of you and have a great day! :o)
Has anyone else in J-Land thought about playing the post card game? I bought 30 cards, and have only sent out 3.

P.S. email me if anyone changes their minds, and be sure to put Post Card Game in the subject line! :o)


sugarsweet056 said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie. I'm praying for you!
I've sent out a ton of cards, & have gotten quite a few, hope more will come in. I even got some from "lurkers". LOL
There's quite a few playing it, just start visiting journals.

rayne1123 said...