Saturday, July 22, 2006

God has our backs!

I have been in such a great mood lately! :o) All I've prayed for is to only have 5 minutes; pain free! And to find out it is possible to have 3 months pain free! Wow! :o) In my back and my hips! God hears ALL prayers! He helps those that help themselves! :o)'s been raining a lot here. The farmers need it. :o) Last night was the first night in 3 days that I slept. Tuesday I couldn't stay asleep; Wednesday I didn't go to sleep! I couldn't get tired. Thursday I had 2 hours. Better then nothing. ;) I think I slept so good last night is because my daughter and my grandson went to the mall yesterday. We spent hours their! Then went to Wally world! I only took my cane to help me walk. :o) Thats all I needed! Yesss! The only pain I have right now is my spine! Yay! Not bad at all! :o) I think the reason that I stayed out for so long is because when I am able to get out of the house....I just want to go everywhere! LOL I wore my daughter out! LOL :o) But we had fun!
Today, I really don't have any plans; unless something comes up. :o) the way...I danced for the first time in sooo long!!! YAY! :o) That is one of the things I miss the most of all the things I've lost....then hiking. I'll work up to that one next! :o)
My faith is being tested again with someone that has tested me before. I've prayed for them. I have God with me and the love and strength of my family. This person will not get past all of that! Impersonating someone else on the internet is so wrong! I think it's illegal as well. I know that my conscious is clear. I don't like it when an adult tries to play games with me and my family. We are very strong. :o) Having God and love; that conquers all! :o)
This is all for now...and thank you for your comments! :o) God bless you all!


sugarsweet056 said...

Bless you dear. Feel your happiness & joy! :) May it continue!!!
Know my prayers are with you.
Blessings, Sugar

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you so much Sugar! God bless you!