Monday, July 3, 2006


I had a pretty good weekend. My back is still numb in the places where the injections are. I go back to the pain clinic on Wednesday. I'm glad that the injections have really helped, and that they last this long. Whew! :o)

My physical therapist came this morning and she hit some places that I had no idea that was hurting that bad! See....when I have a lot of pain in one area, it kind of takes over the rest of my pain, and thats usually what I'll feel...if that makes sence. But she did rub them pretty good, so I know that will help. :o) My home health aid will be here soon as well.

It's raining this morning. It's suppose to rain all day and tomorrow. Yuk! I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because of the fireworks. I can't wait to see them with my grandson! :o) I also want to take him to the fesival and let him ride some rides! :o) That will be fun for me! :o) I need to rest up for it though. :o) I've been doing my best to rest. If I don't....boy am I a mess! Yikes! My daughter has also invited me to go to Cinncinati with her to see her friend and watch fireworks with them on the water front! I'm really hoping I will feel up to the long drive to be able to go! I would love to! :o) It was so sweet of her to invite me along! :o)

My hands are pretty bad this morning. They are cramping up on me again. It's kind of hard to explain...they just want to fold up on their own and not want open. Oh well. Just flowing with the waves that are coming at me. :o) I want to thank you for your great comments! :o) They really do help me through my days! :o) God bless all of you! :o)

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