Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back again.

I hope everyone is having a good day today! :o)
I am so far, but not illness wise. Geesh! Now I'm kind of weezing in my chest when I exhale. Oh well....I'll just add it to my list! lol :o)
I also do have some great news! That medicine that I should have had like 6 weeks ago.....I had called the doctor again and told him that I should have had that medicine along time ago! The receptionist got on the phone and had my records. She told me that the doctor had 4 other muscle relaxers wrote down and to call me to see if I had taken any of them and then call one of them into my pharmacy! I just couldn't believe it! So sometime today, I'll try and pick it up. I'm gratefull that I'll finally have a muscle relaxer. :o)
At my doctors appointment....I really feel that this new nurse practitioner is right on things. She reminds me of my old docter that moved away. I hope that this 5th antibiotic will help get rid of this sinus stuff....ick! Then she also noticed the red stuff on my face as well. I've had that happen for awhile now and it does get pretty red! It's like I have a mask on. Thats when she said she wanted to check me for Lupus. At that time, I didn't know what it was. I do now. It sounds a lot like both, the MS and Fibromyalgia. So I personally wouldn't have a clue to any symptoms, from how I understand it, it's just like what I go through everyday. I also seen some pictures. I don't even want to talk about that.
I got a call yesterday from the company I get my services from, like Home Health Aides, etc... my physical therapist is sick and in the hospital! I don't know what happened so quickly, I just saw her Monday morning. I do hope she'll be alright, just keeping her in my prayers. Today at 10:00 they are sending a new physical therapist just to talk to and get to know each other. I get nervous when someone new comes in. So this is good to just sit and talk for a bit. I know, I'm weird. :o)
I'm going to go now...the Ultram is making me dizzy.
Thank you all for your support.



hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))I am on Aultrum and it works pretty good,werid thing is I feel it helping moire if I dont eat anything when I take the pill.But it does help.I hope it helps you.Have a good day.

my78novata said...

well im glad your finally getting your meds

astoriasand said...


lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I am glad you got your meds, I sure hope you start feeling better, Love Lisa

pharmolo said...

Am I right in thinking that the doctor writes you up for stuff that you don't get? What a mess, Lisa.

chat2missie said...


lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad your meds are getting straightened out. Have a good day.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

well glad things are starting to get a move on it and in the right direction.

cuteallison1980 said...

Just keep being the way you are Lisa.  Don't let things get the better of you and get you down.  Keep positive always. Luv ya!


dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
When you described the red mask...I thought of Lupus also.
My sister thought she had that 5 years or more ago.
They ruled lupus out.  She gets warm in her face etc. symptoms ae similar and
I am hoping that you don't either.
I used to look at pictures all the time of conditionns that I have.
Bad idea for me, went to the Library back then.
freaked me out and most likely the pics & descriptions that I came upon, were
worst case scemarios. (better luck for both of us 2008!) I've had the RA 19 years hard, but but not as bad as the scary description I came upon years ago..., if it looks too scarey too me, I won't read.
I am falling asleep, really!
I better get to bed.