Thursday, January 3, 2008

Make the choice

The best choice is to make a choice. You have the power to choose, so make use of it.

When you are willing to make choices, your life moves in a direction that is agreeable to you. Choices make control and responsibility possible, along with achievement and fulfillment.

Your moment-by-moment choices serve to focus the energy that is your life. By making choices, you communicate and reinforce your preferences and desires, and the world around you responds accordingly.

Your choices and their content determine the quality and direction of your life. Take a little time to choose in a careful and informed manner, yet do not take so long that you fail to choose at all.

Your choices are what make your intentions real. They connect your goals with your reality.

When there is a choice to be made, there is an opportunity to more precisely and positively direct your life. Choose consistently, with abiding purpose, and your life moves forward toward your highest vision.

-- Ralph Marston




lanurseprn said...

My Mom used to say that being indecisive is the worst place to be. She said if you make a choice, even if it's a bad one, that's better than making no choice at all.
I think she was right.

astoriasand said...

I agree here with the lower comment Lisa.Too True.Take Care God Bless Kath

kamdghwmw said...

That is so true. All of our choices move us in a direction......good or bad.

dca721 said...

Great advice.
I have been trying to make the "right " choices for child and I
instead of none at all.