Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I went to the ER.


Hello and good morning or afternoon!

Yesterday, I finally did go to the ER. After reading this, maybe you'll see why I don't want to even bother going.

I'm still swollen, my face looks better. My legs and my feet were worse when I went in. After getting registered, I was told not to eat or drink anything. (they have vending in the waiting room)
They were fast at getting me in the back. I was very glad about that, so that I didn't have to sit with my legs down for very long. I have never been or even knew of this side of the ER....it was Critical Care. The doctor came in so much faster then the other side.

After the nurses hooked me up to some machines, I was given a EKG. When anyone came into the room, they seen my legs and feet and then started asking me questions about my heart. I told them about my heart doctor and how he isn't here anymore. That seems to keep happening around here....the good doctors leave. I told them about the 2 small heart attacks that I had about a year and a half ago. I was hooked up to this one machine that would monitor my heart and anything wrong would happen, it would beep. A lady came in to draw some blood. I've never had this kind of a test before. She took 2 viles from one arm...in different places of my arm and left. She came back in about a half hour later and did the samething to the other arm. I'm thinking she said it was a bacterial or viral test to see if anything was in my blood.
That machine kept beeping. A nurse came in and I asked more questions about what was going on and about that machine and why it was beeping. After she told me the 'why,' I would try my best to see what I was either moving in a different way, or just anything. Really, I couldn't do much of anything, I was flat on my back. Nothing that I would try to see if it was something "I" was doing ...it didn't work. So that meant that yes, my heart was doing these things to make it beep!
I really 'don't' understand why nothing was done about me legs and feet. I was there only 4 hours, which isn't very long at our hospital, even with the waiting room was packed. I am very thankful that I was one that got to go back early.
Now, after all the tests that they ran and how fast they were, and what I was told. I'm so very surprised that they sent me home and I was still even allowed to drive myself.
The doctor came in and told me that I have congestive heart failure. :o( And to continue to take that Lasix and rest as much as possible. He gave me Dorviset for the pain that I'm having in my legs and my feet. In my opinion, I kind of thought that I should have at least been there over night to be monitored and to help get my legs and feet down. But, thats just my opinion.
That was my day yesterday. And yes, I am as swollen as I've always been.
Around here, I have no idea what it takes to get any kind of help for your health and emergancies.
But....I did go and got tests. And mostly thankful to have another day! :o) I thank God for that! :o)
Thank all of you for your support! It means a lot to me. :o)



astoriasand said...

Hi Lisa I feel same as you they shuld have kept you in hosptal until the swelling at least at dissapeared.This brings back memories for me My mother had this problem and it is quite serious.I hope you get a second opnion and push for more attention if your meds don't do anythink quick.Please try and keep on the move.It is not good to be stable when thsi condition is around.Prayers continueing for you some fast results for the better.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

sugarsweet056 said...

I have little respect for most Drs & hospitals. Some good wones, but not a lot.
Keeping you in my prayers.

ajsproudparents said...

Goodness Lisa. I'm sorry they didn't care you the more proper care. Just getting back fast doesn't make it all ok. They should have kept you, you are right.
I pray you get better soon.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa, glad you went, their saying it was congestive heartfailure and to continue on the lasix is a start to the edema in your feet, legs, ankles, etc.  will take a bit of time for the swelling to go down it doesn't happen overnight dear.  I have had congestive heart failure for amost 8 years and have had this swelling with med changes, etc.  give it time. Keep your feet elevated as much as you can Lisa even after the swelling goes down, that's part of helping with the sweling you get with CHF. Whenever I'm sitting I have my feet elevated. You did get help with what is wrong, just follow what they told you to do dear and you'll hopefully start see the swelling go down. I'm glad you got listened to all of us and ewent to the ER. Patience dear..
Arlene (AJ)

redpoppy007 said...

I am so thankful you went, and yes they should have kept you there overnight.  I have no faith in the hospitals here either.
They would do nothing for my Mother because of all her health isssues and basically just let her die.
She had congestive heart failure as well.  They put her on lasik and then she got a blood clot in her lung.
they said she had emphasema, yet she never smoked a day in her life.  I still think that they did something wrong and covered it up.
Get a second oponion..or a third.  Dr.'s are human and make mistakes like the rest of us.
I am so sorry for your suffering.

blazensun said...

Lisa you will be on my prayer list. Hope they find out what is causing you legs to swell up.



dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm sorry.
I hate going to the ER for same reasons.
I am glad you went.
How pathetic that the nurse was asking you about the sounds on the machine??
I hope you feel better Dear.
Glad you are back online!

ppavis said...

I'm glad you went to the ER. I hope you are feeling better for it too. I am surprised that they didn't do anything for your legs though. Please make sure you plenty of rest and keep us posted on how you are doing. I have added you to my prayer list! Blessings, Phyllis

pharmolo said...

Congestive cardiac failure, Lisa, means that your heart is unable to pump out what the veins bring up to it. As a result, the blood backs up in the body and by force of gravity, water sinks to the bottom, i.e. to your legs, and they swell up.

The Lasix prompts your kidneys to throw out a heck of a lot of water. You may find that when you lie down after standing up for a while, you have to pass lots of water. Same after taking the Lasix. What dose are you on? Were you prescribed anything else?

elmofromoz said...

Gald you went. I know how you feel about hospitals I feel the same way, but I keep hoping that someday they will be right and fix it. My grandaughter broke her at school at 12:30 they called her mom and off they went to the ER. The first hospital couldn't set it so they went to Umass. They didn't get home till 1AM. all that for a broken arm 12 hrs. Give me a breck. Anyway sorry for my rant. Call the doc you like and see what they have to say, maybe they will have some idea who to send you too.
 Love Ya Sweetie

pamal3 said...

Hey Lisa. I'm glad you went. I hope you get all this sorted out and start to feel well again. Love Pam xx

tsalagiman1 said...


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))I am susprised they didnt keep you over night either.I pray that something is done with the swelling.

chat2missie said...

You need a patient advocate.  Someone who will ask questions and demand things to be done.  I can't believe they didn't keep you over night and give you fluids to flush out all the water!!

kirkbyj05 said...

Dear Lisa,

I'm so glad that you went to the  ER.  Hope your Lasix water pills soon help you to get rid of all that fluid in your body that's backing up.  You must be so uncomfortable.
Praying for better health for you soon.
Let us know how you are getting on with the pills and if they are working.  And call the doctor immediately if you get any other symptoms.
Jeanie  xxx

imgr8phil said...

That doesn't sound good at all.  That is a chronic condition.  Take care Lisa.


cuteallison1980 said...

I'm so worried about you Lisa. : (  Stay strong and live each and every day to the fullest that you can.  Luv ya!


kamdghwmw said...

I am here thinking of you and saying a prayer for you. I know that you are going to come through this with much grace! Stay strong sister friend.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

WOW im glad you did go to the hospital to find out whats wrong wit you what you mean thats why you dont like going better knowing whats going on then not!

psychfun said...

ER's job is to get people out of pain & crisis. They probably felt you were not in immediate crisis & should go to a heart specialist. Did they give you some names of ones in your area? They should. They gave you meds for the pain & then you follow up for longer term care with the docs. Please do go!

specialadyfink said...

So glad you went to ER.Keep those feet elevated.
take care

arlenes627 said...

So sorry about two small heart attacks (at least they say they were small?), AND congestive heart failure.  My mom had a regurgitative aortive valve valve that caused her congenstive heart failure and she took lasix too.  I think I might have said that before.  I *think* as long as the heart valve failure does not increase that the lasix is the answer, and there are six different kinds of heart 'pills' that they gave her in her 80's when the failure was worse and the larger heart attacks occurred.  I feel it is always safest to go into the ER even for anxiety of fear of a failure ...
but those ER's take so much time. good that they checked you quickly in Critical Care and I guess that still took a lot of time.
I went in a couple of times, once for allergy to penicillin when the itching finally stopped and had to check myself out or I'd be there for 4 more hours or more.


gehi6 said...

Oh boy, another unsettling diagnosis added to all you have gotten.  Oh my goodness.  I don't now what to think about this.  I have known quite a few older people who were diagnosed with 'congestive heart failure' that just did not seem to have it, including my Mom who lived years after she was diagnosed with it.  So it is not time to give up hope yet, or ever, dear Lisa  You are so brave to keep writing through all this.  Oh and that little tag with Kayden's photo on it is so precious.  I used to baby sit for a woman with a very bad heart.  She had managed to have three kids and she lived quite a number of years after I left.  She was always talked about as a miracle.  And I just adore the rare parrot flower.  Isn't Mother Nature grand!  Gerry  

motoxmom72 said...

Lisa...I'm SO glad you went to the hospital ER to find out what was wrong.  I am amazed that you can kep up with the writing, too.  I have been MIA for a long time.  I'm back and I hope things get better in your neck of the woods- the medicine starts kicking your butt and the swelling all goes down SOON! Bug hugs atcha sweetie!!!

nelishianatl said...

I just wanted to stop by and send well wishes.  I'd heard through GERRY that you'd had another diagnosis.  You're thought about everyday.  I have no idea whey they didn't keep you in the hospital when they had you there.  Sounds like the hospitals here.  Keep your feet up and stay off of them and get as much rest as possible.

Your friend,