Friday, June 30, 2006

And still not sure....

Ok....I went to Middletown yesterday morning to see my new neurologist and to find out the results of my last MRI. He seen something when he was looking at the brain and stem. He said that he couldn't see any plaques/sheaths, but is very sure that I have progressive ms. He tested my reflexes and looked in my eyes. He seen something wrong when he did those as well. <sigh> I told him the "new" things that I have been experiancing. Yes.....those are apart of ms. He says that I have ms...but he needs to have it proven on a test. Then he can treat me with the right medicines. He wants me to go through more testings....which I'll be glad to endure....because he wants to find it...if that makes since. I do know that there is a small percentage of ms pateints that do not have the plaque/sheaths. I might be in that percentage. I had more blood tests...and I have to go through another visual evoked responce. The last time I had that, it blinded me for 3 days. Plus it hurts. After these tests, he wants me to have another spinal tap and another test to see how fast my brain responds and reacts to these little electrodes that give you a little shock. I've had that one before as well. Another eeg...because of my seizure disorder, and another emg! The last time I had that test left side didn't respond to the electrical shocks....and the right side did just a bit. Plus...I didn't even feel the large needle being poked in me! It looked painful....but I couldn't feel it. I really like this doctor...he is on top of things and doesn't want to have any stones unturned. I like that.
So back is still numb. It felt weird when my physical therapist was giving me the deep tissue massage on my back....I couldn't feel it! A weird feeling. So...I'm assuming that these injections stay for a few days. I'm glad about that! :o) I'll be seeing him in another few days. :o)
Thats all for now. :o) ASAP! (always say a prayer) God bless all of you! :o)

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sugarsweet056 said...

Bless you dear! You go gurl, keep on looking till you get an answer!!! Sounds like you have a Dr that is trying to help you! Great!!!