Tuesday, April 12, 2005

An Angel appeared out of nowhere!

Yesterday morning, I was in so much pain, and couldn't use my left arm very well. My physical therapist came and boy did that session hurt! Whew! Then imeditately after that, I went to my doctors appointment. I was a bit late, but he understood why. I told him about my fall, and he wants me to get an x-ray of my ankle....he felt something on the side that hurt when I fell. :o( Oh well. He is trying 3 new medicines on me....one is for muscle spasms, and one for sleep, and the other is for the nerve problems I've been having. I had no idea that fibromyalgia had a problem with the nerves like this...the feeling of an open nerve on top of your skin. It really hurts. I did get 5 hours of sleep last night! :o) Now....while my mom and I were in the waiting room, a man was at the window talking about medical equiptment and such. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if he has a catalog, because I've been wanting to try and get a new bed. As he was leaving, I asked him if he did and explained why....they didn't but he did give me a pamphlet of theirs. I did, however, notice that there were 2 other people sitting in there with us, a man and a woman, not together. I was called back to the other room to see the doctor. He usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour with me. Then, he told me that I needed another muslce relaxer shot. I was for that one! :o) It did help. After all of that time passing....we finally got out to the car, and the woman that was in the waiting room was out in the parking lot, and came up to us. She said she couldn't help hearing what I was telling that man, and said that she could help me. She works for SouthernCare...a Hospis orginazation. She told me that she could help me get he things I need and medicare to pay for my medicines. My mom talked to her, because I needed to sit in the car, my shot was kicking in. She came to the house and told me all of this information that I never knew that I could apply for, and get! Even though I'm not a terminally ill person, their orginazation recognizes that fibromyalgia is a very painful disease that is for the rest of a persons life. I am also able to draw disabilty from my father as one of his disabled dependent. And so much more. :o) Having the seizure disorder, liver problems, sleep disorders, and my cholestrol problems put me in their catagory that they are able to give me help! I couldn't believe that there was something out there that could actually"recognize" the severity of fibromaylgia! Just because we all look "normal" on the outside, doesn't mean we are on the inside. I'm very excited about this! :o) When God closes a window, He opens a door! :o)

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drgnfly3451 said...

Lisa, I am so happy to hear that you are going to get some help! Angel's are all around us and you were in the right place at the right time. I am having a real hard time with my right leg...it has kept me home today...seems that it is all from the cortisone shot that I got in DEC!!!! Gentle Hugs, Sheri