Friday, April 1, 2005

A much better day. :o)

Yesterday turned out to be better then the day before. :o) My daughter is feeling better.

Now muscles in my upper right arm were still feeling like they were turning to stone...and by the time evening came, I could hardly use it. My right shoulder couldn't be touched at all. My husband put his hand on just about sent me through the roof. He didn't know. The pain is that bad. My right knee cap went out of place several times. That hurts. The pain in my shoulder generated down my back as well. I had to watch what to wear, because the "feel" of differant fabric would make my body hurt all over. Both hips are still in pain. Laying down even made me hurt. I tried to lay on my back, well....I still had pain, but I could stand that pain over my hips. I've been using my breathing technics, and when I do lay down, I have a CD player next to my bed, and I put in a beach sound CD. It relaxes me to hear that. I've been doing everything that I can think of, and what my physical therapist told me to do. I am going to try even harder today to feel better. ::::crossing my fingers:::: My husband will be here today, and he can help me. :o) Just keep me in your prayers. :o)

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