Monday, April 4, 2005

In pain.

Ok....#1, this time change has really messed with my body. I've still been in major pain this morning. Still having a lot of pain in my right shoulder. After writting arm is going in the sling. My physical therapist just left....and boy did it hurt! She did my left arm first....I had no idea it was in as much pain as it was....probably because of my right arm taking over. When she got to my right arm, I just about flew through the roof! I was getting pretty sick to my stomach. My neck, shoulder, upper back, and upper arm, and pretty much the whole right side of my upper back was killing me. She hit a spot on my shoulder that triggered another pain in the front of my lower right side of my neck! She told me that it was very swollen. The whole area I just described was! The spot that was triggered was called the brachial plexus, (upper dorsel spine), spinal nerves. So, that nerve was swollen as well. She rubbed it, and it hurt so bad, I thought I was going to get sick. She told me to lay in bed for awhile to rest that whole area. I did...I honestly couldn't move. Took some deep breaths, and just relaxed. Just when I think that a part of my body can't hurt any worse....something does. But, thats part of having fibromyalgia.

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drgnfly3451 said...

Wow, Lisa, I wish that I could do something to help you out...sounds like everything is tightening up and causing you pain! You certainly do not need his mom and her friends inviting themselves over, either! I am glad that your daughter is doing fine....the time is getting closer, isn't it?

I have been out of town and in lots of pain myself. I was wondering what's been going on with you. How is the situation? Any better? Worse?

Write when you can...I have to go take something to try to ease the back pain...gentle hugs, Sheri