Sunday, April 3, 2005

uuuggghhh...another time change!

I went to bed at 11:00 last night....then I get up at 3:00! Not including the time change. I just layed in bed...the last that I looked at the clock was 12:20. I was so hot! I had to change my nightgown twice. All day yesterday was very painful. Again my whole body was in pain. My husband would touch me, and it hurt. I felt so bad, I couldn't even be touched! No where. :o( I layed down twice yesterday because of getting up so early, and I didn't do a thing! I rested the whole day. I don't want to end up in bed for a day. Maybe I should have yesterday. Still very much in pain this morning. I honestly don't know what has been causing this. I have been doing my best with getting rid of my stressers like my physical therapist said to do. It has been making me feel better spiritually. So, I'm waiting on the rest of me. :o) Gentle hugs to you all.

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