Saturday, April 2, 2005

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Yesterday was fun and very painful. My daughter and I went to lunch at Cracker Barrel. It's so good to see her eat. :o) And boy does she eat! :o) This month is my son's birthday. We both seen a shirt there that fit him to a tee! lol So...I got it for him. I had planned to also go to Wal-Mart to get a pad for the changing table.....but...couldn't do it. After eating, I wanted to get a new Bible. I've never had one of my own, just the one that my stepdad gave me that was his. I've used it so much...the binding has come off. :o) So...we made the trip to the next town to the book store. :o) While there, something came over me like I had something very heavy on my shoulders. I still wasn't feeling all that well when we left to have our little outing, but I just wanted to do it. I should have listened to my body. I know, I don't know how many times I say that. The "inside" of me was still having fun and enjoying myself with my daughter. I had given her $20.00 for herself. She never has any money just for fact, she never has any money at all....her boyfriend doesn't even do that much for her. :o( We left the book store...and I has just enough energy to drive home. When I got home, my whole body was feeling like stone. I still don't know what that means. My right arm was basically useless. My back/spine felt like every one of the vertebra's were grinding together, with a bit of electrical shock shooting through my body. My leags and hips were very weak. I was at a 10. My husband helped me to the couch, and there I stayed until I went to bed at 9:30. I did put my right arm in my sling, to keep most of the pressure off of the shoulder. It helped some. I got up this morning at 2:00. I was really hoping to sleep a little more than that. But at least I did get that much. :o) This morning, I am able to walk better, and my back feels a bit better....but as for my right arm and shoulders, they still hurt pretty bad. All in all...I still had a great time yesterday! I love to spend time with my kids! :o)

......................If one is without kindness, how can one be called a human being?

-Sarada Devi

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