Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Well, yesterday was a much better day. I was very dizzy still from those new medicines. Thats not good, because I get so dizzy that I almost fall. I've been tripping, and has been real close, just very lucky that I haven't. My physical therapist came yesterday, and there were some places that I didn't know that hurt......she started to rub my shoulder blades and down my back, and it about sent me through the roof! The pain made me sick to my stomach. Then when she got to my calves, on my right one, there was another spot that actually sat me up! It hurt so bad, I had tears coming down my face. I've been having more muscle spasms in both of my calves, but had no idea that the right one was in that much pain. Again...she feels that my shoulder area is due to too much stress, and I need to eliminate it as best as I can. Easier said then done around here right now. The same person is still putting more stress on me and my husband more then ever. gggrrr! And with me being the "fall guy," doesn't help me. Someone else needs to speak up for me. Well, thats all for now.

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