Friday, April 8, 2005

I just fell! :o(

As if my day couldn't get any worse! Being upset, lack of sleep, very weak, and my right shoulder, neck and arm in a level 10 pain.....I fall!!! :o( My daughter and her boy friend just left for the weekend, so I'm alone. What's new? Coming down the steps, and on the last step I twisted the ankle that I have broken several times, then fell on my left knee cap, and landed on my left shoulder!!!! I had to lay there crying for about a half an hour. My ankle is now swollen, and my knee is skinned up and in major pain, and my left shoulder is now on a level 10 pain just like my right one!!!! This is what happens when I can't sleep, and am worried, upset. It all exculates. Does that make any since? I'm not even sure if I should have my ankle and knee looked at. Right now, I don't even care.

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