Monday, April 11, 2005

I had a great day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day out and very the 80's! :o) For the first time in awhile, I was able to get outside. It was so fun to watch my son and daughter have a water balloon fight, and my husband grilling out. I took my camera out with me to get a few good shots, and I did. :o) I'm not suppose to be in the sun....but I used to lay out everyday, and it kills me when I can't do that anymore....but I sat in a chair in the sun anyway. :o) I was out there for about 3 and a half hours, and didn't get those red rashes...Whew! :o) I really needed yesterday. :o) It really helped with my stress. :o) If we had more good days like this, I'd be outside more often. :o)

I do have a doctor's appointment today, and my physical therapist will be coming early. I can't wait. I know how much it will hurt, but I also know the outcome. :o) The doctor can check to see if I broke anything when I fell. I'm not able to "feel" so I don't know. When I broke my ankle last year, I had no idea until I seen my doctor. Ok...if anyone knows what a test called an EMG is...and it didn't make my muscles jump, and I didn't even feel the 3 inch needle....then you'll understand how much that I can not feel. Thats the only way that I can describe it.

...........................That which we do not confront in ourselves we will meet as fate.

C. G. Jung

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