Saturday, April 23, 2005


For the last few days, I've been taking care of my daughter. She's been having contractions. I have the couch bed out for her so I can watch over her. The baby has dropped, and she isn't due until May 25. I've been doing my best to rub where her pain is to help ease it. So far, she's doing good. :o) Whew! :o)

It hasn't been very nice here weather wise. We've been having thunder storms, and a lot of rain. Yuk! My energy level is down considerable. I'm still not sleeping very well. But, my pain level has been stable. Only just a few surprise pains here and there, not my whole body acting up. Yay! The new medicines are helping that, but the sleep medicine isn't working at all. Oh well. I still have my fingers crossed that one day I'll be able to sleep again. :o) Just keep praying. :o)

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drgnfly3451 said...

Lisa,  I am sorry to hear that your daughter is not doing well...sometimes, the doctors, do get the due day wrong so just have her relax! You are a great Mom! I am glad that your pain is leveling off...wish you were sleeping more...sleep helps alot especially with what you are dealing with. Hang In there!

Maybe, she will have the baby on Mother's Day? A bit early, but wouldn't that be nice? What a wonderful Mother's Day present that would be for the both of you!?!

gentle hugs,