Thursday, December 13, 2007

another video

I took this video so you can see kind of through my eyes on what it's like to be me as you walk. I hope that made sense.



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imgr8phil said...

I don't know if we get a great indication of how it is to be you walking, I'm sure it's a lot more difficult.  I hope you have a good Friday and that you will be in good spirits.


my78novata said...

dizzy is more in your head not on the oustside. so we cant see it like you feel it. I know thats hard to explain.

emabecmar said...

thank you for the christmas card. have a nice weekend. ((((hugs))))))

cuteallison1980 said...

It must be quite a battle for you on some days.  I know you are doing your best and god bless you Lisa.  You have a good day tomorrow you hear?  Luv ya!


kirkbyj05 said...

I know it must be extremely difficult for you to walk but it is also good that you still can, even though its a struggle for you.
Exercise, even a small amount away from your bed, must lift you spirits up.  Especially  knowing that you can still do it unaided.
Getting up for a walkabout, even if its just into another room has to be so much better than the same view all day.  
I do feel for you my friend and wish that there were more practical ways to help you.
Praying for your comfort and your happiness over Christmas.
Your card is in the post.
Merry Christmas!
Jeanie   xxx

kamdghwmw said...

I think you did a great job! I am glad that the stuff in your chest is breaking up. I think I am coming down with something. I so hope not!