Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here you go!

Subject:Re: To Cute Not to pass on
Date:12/29/2007 8:35:37 PM Eastern Standard Time



This is email from YOU! I was NOT on line at that time last night, and if you were blocked from sending any emails from me DON'T YOU THINK I WOULDN'T have gotten this?

I'm just so very tired of this same old shit and nit picking that you all are doing! I also have a life out side from this journal and emails! I know I don't have your full address up Merry! I don't want to get in trouble for having your full address posted!
Has it accured to anyone that maybe I just might be really sick? That what I have has gotten worse?
And J-Land is suppose to be OH SO SUPPORTIVE!!! Sure you are!


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arlenes627 said...

The internet is very rough at times with hecklers; for me too at times. Blessing to you for the New Year.

malagutigrrl said...

I have no idea what this means.  But it pisses me off when people pick on you.  What are they so MAD about?  It sounds to me that they're jealous of your illness because IT gets more of your time then THEY do.  
That's just nuts.
Hang tough, Woman!  I'm with ya!
PS: If I read your other comments I'd probably know what's going on but I rarely read anyone else's comments.  They're comments people sent to YOU, ya know?  It feels like evesdropping to me!

pharmolo said...

The underbelly of J-land, quite an ugly sight. Sorry you're subjected to this, Lisa

jeanno43 said...

Sorry this is all going on for you Lisa.  I guess there is little that you can do except block, after all enough if enough, you should not have to put up with all this.


sweetestsin52605 said...

So sad that "people" are so freaken rude to people they hardly know. Yes you are REALLY sick and do have a disease.
That's why I hate people so much. I don't trust anyone whatsoever.
No one is supportive anymore unless its your REAL friends or family.
I love you mom!

emabecmar said...

sad that some don't have a lil compassion to other's feelings. Ignore them girlfriend, it's not worth you getting yourself all upset. (((((hugs))))))
Cindy xoxo

my78novata said...

OH my Im so lost. what the heck is going on????? I m sorry your feeling so upset about this

chat2missie said...

Oh oh, what's going on??

lanurseprn said...

Lisa, I've tried to be supportive. Judging by your last line here you don't seem to think so. That was kind of a slap in the face. It seems like you are angry at all of us, and I've really tried to be supportive to you. I'm sorry you don't think so.
Take care of yourself, and I hope 2008 brings you happiness and peace.