Monday, July 21, 2008

~Alittle of this and that.

Good morning. I've been up for awhile now. <sigh>
My problems with holding things is certainly not at all any better. By the time yesterday was whole bed had to be changed! I should start wearing something like maybe a tea towel.
And the reason I got up early, (not complaining) was I was having that "dry" cough. I got my inhaler and it really helped. I'm very thankful I have those...I have one in here on my desk, in the kitchen and in my bedroom. Because theres sometimes I'm not able to catch a breath, which is scary.
I was pretty dizzy and really out of it as well. I don't know how many times I fell. I didn't get any serious damage. Dh was here to help.
I asked Dh yesterday if he heard about whats wrong with my computer yet. He said that he called him and the guy said that he hasn't even had time to get to it yet! I also told him how much I like this laptop. He asked me if I would like one so I could move around with it. And we must have  been on the same wave link because I was just getting ready to ask him. lol Cool. :o) Like he even said, we know that a laptop couldn't hold what I put on the desk top. So by keeping the desk top, I'll have a place for everything.
Yesterday was very painful for me. I really don't know why. It just was. My butt felt as if I had been sitting in gravel, those bigger ones. And then the feeling of getting up from that! Ouchie! My whole body was hurting like that. gggrrr. So with me being dizzy and out of it and falling, and add on that feeling...I was just an accident ready to happen! I did stay in my bed alot though.
Geesh! There are days that I'm nothing but a space case! :o)
Oh...I've been forgetting to say this, "Lola, thank you so much for signing my guest book. That meant alot to me! :o)"
It means alot to me when all of you sign it. :o) Just on my sidebar.
The post that is called "1997" is a re-run from my journal. I feel that by writing my story, it could help someone else out there. I hope it does. As you've all seen, my children are doing great! Counseling did help each of us.
I wish I knew how to send pictures I have on my phone to my email address. I have to be a total moron! LOL My daughter showed me I don't know how many times, and she even wrote it down for me. LOL I still can't do it right. :o) Geesh!
I have some pictures that my daughter sent me and they are just too adorable to me. :o) I wanted to share them but, not when it comes to me. LOL :o)
I'm going to go now..........................




gehi6 said...

Am checking in early to see how you are feeling.  Good about the laptop.  They are handy little things.  Life marches on.  And it seems like some symptoms progress most unfortunately.  I wish it was the other way around.  Got to go to the bank now, but will check in later if I have time.  Gerry

chat2missie said...

I hope you have a good day today and a good week.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you have been in pain.Just know,I am always praying for your health.that is great that Dh wants to help with getting you a LapTop.I love mine.

lurkynat said...

hugs! I hope you feel much better soon!

nightmaremom said...

feel better... you can also get a zip drive or external drive to d/l on to and then you can plug right into the laptop when you need it :)  

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't know how to do anything online with pictures, you do a great job!
I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
My Mom fell last Sat. night, that is scarey, she is all bruised up but she didn't break anything.
I'm sorry you are in such pain.
Wish I could do something to help you.

helmswondermom said...


texastames35 said...

hi lisa i liove you  god blesssings to u and your s yw ty , ireally would like to keep talking to u , im really sry things are going well ,. we are praying , . added my name to your list , sure would not like being not being able to say hi or tell u your the best ., you tc best wishes ,