Tuesday, July 1, 2008

~Bubbles and Barbie

Bubbles and Barbie, two blonde sisters had promised
their Uncle, who had been a seafaring gentleman all
his life, to bury him at sea when he died.

Of course, in due time, he did pass away and the two
blondes kept their promise. They set off from
Clearwater Beach with their uncle all stitched up in
a burial bag and loaded onto their rowboat.

After a while Bubbles says, 'Do you think we're out
far enough, Barbie?' Barbie slipped over the sideand
finding the water only knee deep said, 'nope, not
yet Bubbles'. So they row a little farther.... Again
Bubbles asks Barbie, 'Do you think were out far
enough now? Once again Barbie slips over the side
and almost immediately says, 'No, this will never
do, the water is only up to my chest.'

So on they row and row and row, and finally Barbie
slips over the side and disappears. Quite a bit of
time goes by and poor Bubbles is really getting
worried when suddenly Barbie breaks the surface
gasping for breath. 'Well is it deep enough yet,

'Yes, finally. Hand me the shovel.'




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specialadyfink said...

A 'blonde' moment,LOL