Friday, July 25, 2008

~Living for today.

Good afternoon. To me, it's still morning. I slept in again. My nurse came in to take my blood. It's to see how much and what kind of medicine for my diabetes. I've had a few astma  attacks. Nothing that really put me down, but it made me tired. I'm still trying to remember what my doctor said. I do remember that I need three moles she wants me to get looked at. She is sending my to a dermatologist to have her look at them and remove them. And I think it's next Monday. Thats quick.
Yesterday my son came over. I miss him so much. I had him a couple of bags of food for him. That makes me feel better, then I know he's eating.
I'm glad it's Friday. Dh will be able to stay up late so he can watch oover me. This week wasn't a good one at night. I think that everyone knows about my sleep walking. My doctor got it down to sleep activity. I have 4 burn holes through my quilt. I also woke myself up and I was pouring water all over my quilt...a full bottle. So I've been kind of scared to go to sleep. I can't help the fact that I've been a sleepwalker since I was around 4. Ok, for 40 years! I think I wrote an entry about it, not sure. If not, I will.
Thank you for signing my guest book! :o) Comments and signing my guest book cheers me up. :o) Have a great day everybody! I'm going to. :o)



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))I hope thoes moles arent giving yo any pain.That is good yo got a quick Doctor.You are a good Mom to your kids,you want make sure they eat,just like my MOm.If it will cheer you up,I will sign yor boo everyday. :)Every other day.

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa glad you didn't hurt yourself when you saw the burn holes, oh be careful dear. Must say you have so much on your plate with all that is always going on with you....just keep hanging in and take it one day at a time.

cuteallison1980 said...

The sleep walking thing is kinda scary.  I hope you don't do too much of it anymore.  Hope you have a pretty happy weekend Lisa.  Luv ya!


gehi6 said...

My gosh, poured some water on your quilt in your sleep!  Yes, sleep walkers in the family always made me nervous.  My sister LaRae was a sleep walker and I had this fear she might just walk away and never be seen again.  I think that was a promonition about her relatively early death at 51.  The rest of us sisters are still here but she did did disappear early.  Lots of struggling going on here, but I am glad when the weekends come so you aren't alone.  Gerry

eyesbaerle said...

So sorry to hear about all your struggeling. Sleep walking is a scary thing.
I sure hope you will have a good night sleep tonight. Take care. Hugs, Maria

texastames35 said...

hi lisa many prayers hug , and i wanted you to know im gladed we are friends ,. u have lots on u im sry god is your light , our  friend u are not along ,  i love u ,. thanks for sharing and being there for all of us , your special lady . thanks . write me .