Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~My doctor's appointment.

I'm so sorry that I did what I say, "Don't take life for granted."

Since I've gained so much more weight within  these past few months, I have nothing to wear. I grabed what I could squirm into for now. Boy is it hot out there!
This doctor I seen today, is the one that I don't like. She was really on top of things today. She listened to me. My Placard is going to be gone in November and I asked if I can have that expanded. I do have another one. I showed her a long scratch that is on my right arm. I did that 2 months ago! It's still not healing. Shes said she was going to get labs done to see another medicine she can put me on for my diebetes. I don't even know what the first one is, they are all to hard to read. I showed her the tablet that I've been taking my vitals on. She looked and told me to check things maybe 2 times a week now. I thanked her for that one. I donn't like doing it anyways. I told her what has been going on right now in my life. She was actaully sympathetic. She put me on another pill for when I feel hurt and it will also help on other things I have. :o) I showed her the  red stuff that is on me. It kind of looks like, well I don't know. I'd have to take pictures to show. Its usually just on my face. This time my body did what its suppose to do...the red stuff was out full force. She asked me if I have the red stuff on any part of my body that the sun can not get to, and yes. I showed her and I also told her what it looks like in the evening. I wrote everything down before I went today. So glad I did, I am having a hard time speaking. I wore my Crocks, and my feet had swollen all the way to the shoe and I had to have someone take them off of me. My son was here and I'm very grateful for that. I'm forgetting what all was done and said. I have brain fog right  now. All in all, everything was taken care of.
I'll go for now.



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you went to the doctors,even thoe you dont like this one,I am glad you went and I hope the medicine that you got on will help with alot of things.Life isnt easy,I know for that one and alot of times I want to give up as you,but,I cant and wont because I think of so many people who would miss me,like you.Hang in there.

gehi6 said...

Sounds like your doctor did a good job on this visit.  Perhaps she is finally realizing she must pay close attention if she is to help you with all this. At least you were more satisfied.  Gerry