Monday, September 22, 2008

**********Logging for a reason**********

Good afternoon! I'm hoping that all of you are feeling great today. :o)

I'm still working on it! :o) Not a good night when it comes to the pains.
This too shall pass...

My whole body seems to be in on the samething; giving me pains! lol
My legs and feet don't want to work today, and my right arm is still doing what it wants but has now gone back into my right shoulder blade.

My son is coming over today to do his laundry. :o) I can't help it that I miss him. :o) Nena too!
I had an idea to write to my older grandson. It wasn't much at all but I know he will love it just the same. :o) Dh wrote to him too. :o) He'll get them today. I got the idea to do this when my daughter told me that when we were texting one day, she would read it out loud and then he would say it and see the words. I did my best to write it the way you're suppose to in school. :o)

I just love my family so much! Did you know that one?! LOL

Again I recieved another nasty email from my great aunt. I can't put up with it anymore. And it is all over me asking my great uncle to please not send me anymore of those emails that are racist. Good Grief...and while she's bitching at me, she slams my mom as well! I have them blocked. Oh, I forgot....I'm going to hell for doing witch craft and worshiping the devil! Ok,,,sure.

I got off of what I was logging, ooopsie! I'm back to showing a small fever. I'm still taking my vitals. They go up and down. Well, like my nurse said, maybe the reason for that to happen is having pain will boost alot of my vitals up. So I keep that in mind.
My hips and legs are worse right now. It'll change probably about mid day. Then its something else. :o) (btw...I'm not complaining) I'm just telling it  like it is.
Oh....and I know that I'm not the only person with pain and that my pain is worse!
I already know that my readers know all of this. And that I can't spell! LOL And tou know, I also know that I'm not perfect.
I've got way too much clouding  my mind and thoughtsright now, I really can't write what I want to. I have my great aunt's letters stuck in my head. I need to release, so I can go on. I need to take that poisin out of my life.


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dca721 said...

Hi Lisa!
Great pictures.
Love your daughters hair!

heavenlybama said...

Lisa......I love your pics of your family.  Sorry haven't been commenting.  I've caught up on journals now.  

specialadyfink said...

You always hurt the one you love-as the song goes..why can't members of our own families get along??Never understood that one......
hope you feel better--I read the pain between your lines

eyesbaerle said...

Nobody is perfect. This is your journal and you can write in it whatever you want to. I understand that it is kind of therapeutic for you. It is great that you know what is good for you. In a way I think it is important that you log all the steps of your illness.
Glad to hear your kids and grand kids made your day. - You are so easy to be satisfied...bless your big heart!
Sorry about the commotion between your great aunt and you. Hope she will soon understand where you are coming from.
Best wishes. Hugs, Maria

cuteallison1980 said...

I do hope the fever won't get too bad again.  I really enjoyed your pictures.  Nena is very pretty.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday. Luv ya!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry your fever is going bak down,I do hope and pray it doesnt get bad again.I am glad you blocked your aunt.You dont need that.

gehi6 said...

It is strange how some people feel causing pain to others helps anything.  Sorry about your aunt and I understand the pain she is causing you which is I am sure what she is getting off on. As you say, this, too, shall pass but not until there has been some pain endured over it.  Gerry  

merry1621 said...

Lisa, It seems as if when things flare up for you, people (relatives and or friends) that it's just unreal to me that people would act like this.  This places a lot of stress on you that you don't need already!!  Geez.  Hang in there!  Merry