Sunday, September 7, 2008

Writing/ logging/pictures

I get so tired of writing about being ill. But, thats my life now.
I haven't been out side for a while. The pollen count has been high. I have so many alergies, and I don't want to add on to what I already am dealing with.

Logging; I've been I guess you could say, 'out of it lately.' Just soooo not 'there or with it.' I will show what I did:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

12:35:33 PM EDT
Feeling Crappy Edit Entry Delete Entry

Logging real quick. Just sutting here, and all of the sudden I woke up!!!

This just keeps happrning. My arms feel like thar L. If this continues, I'm going to ask if I can have something got. tjis

Gotta go,,Bye

The Little Old Lady

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I can't even read this. I don't know what I wanted to say. Now I remember the last one. It was a joke that I was going to post, and I guess all I got posted was the title.
I'm just getting a bit more worse. I don't even know what to say anymore. If I'm not talking about my illnesses, I can talk about my room.

I can explain what I feel when I have my pains.
I've been having pains in my right shoulder real bad. I even had a hard time to even use my right arm because of it. Dh rubbed it and it took alot of the stress off. My upper right arm is in pain as well. It feels like it's laying open. I expect to see a hudge gaping cut bleeding perfusly.
My back/spine no matter what anymore, is killing me with it's pains. I really wish that I could open up my back and just get in there and rubb everything thats hurting with my hands.

My hips just grind when I walk. I do my best to rub them. I have a big lump on each side. I want to get that out as well. They are hurting more because of all the weight I've gained with retaining the water. If I could get my hips open, I'd probably just see alot of powder from the grinding. And they feel like they need oiled like everything eles does. My upper thighs are so tight. This has been maybe since last week. They make me cry to walk. Dh does his best to get those muscle cramps out.
The bottoms of my feet kill me.

They still feel like I'm walking on sharp stones with broken glass. And now thats been an everyday pain now like most of what I have. I've been dropping things so much more than I was. If I have something light weight, I don't even notice it. That is another everyday thing now.
My hands feel animated. Like Mickey Mouse's gloves...they're poofy....Like that. Because Of the range I have.
I'm still sick. Imagine that. I just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs....HELP ME! I sure don't any support from my gp. I don't know what shes doing, but I do know that she's not all that smart for prescribing me an antihistomean (SP) to help me with my fevers or anything else I have right now. Geesh! They [my doctors] are going to end up killing me with the crap they give me! Yes, they all have each others information and ph:#'s And none of them can get anything right.
I'm really hot right now. It just I'm going to take my temp.
God Blesses all of you!


ajquinn354 said...

Lisa enjoyed the pictures, your grandkids are adorable. Kayden loves his Jimmy Johnson Racecar doesn't he.  Just finished watching the Nascar Race and Jimmy won the race.  

Wish you could find a good doctor/internist to help you with all your troubles versus various doctors handling different problems you are having.  Have you tried finding someone in Dayton or Cincinnati if you aren't happy with those in the Piqua/Troy area. I know with all you have going on health ailments you are dealing with, thought you needed one good health personnel who could oversee all you are dealing with so you aren't overloaded on all different types of medicines that another doctor might not know of.  Just keep hanging in there dear. Arlene (AJ)

sugarsweet056 said...

i love you sweetie, & think about you often.
hope you know i have you in my prayers.
God bless you.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))))I am always praying for you.I wish you could find a new Doctor to help you.Just know,I care.

gehi6 said...

I just got back from having to be gone a week.  Gosh, it just sounds like everything is worse as you say.  Sounds like you need a masseuse on hand 8 a day to help.  I know that Pierre had me rub him with Aspercreame for months, and toward the end of his life, it did not give him any relief at all, but he needed me to rub anyway.  This was when the lung cancer had metastisized to the bone.  Major pain.  What a lot of guts that guy had.  He had been in pain so much of his life due to the birth defect he suffered in his pancreas.  I know he must have been glad to let go.  But he fought to the end for life.  Just like you.  For that I admired and respected him.  You are an example to others as always, articulating what you feel so clearly we can all picture it and wonder what we would do in your place.  Not much different I suspect.  Gerry

pharmolo said...

Lisa, you are being mishandled by the medics. Ugh. Your illnesses are your life now, unfortunately. I hope something will be done to improve your quality of life.