Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm working on making today a good one. The nurse at my gp's called yesterday to let me know the results of my last blood test. The good news is that my cholesteral is doing great. Yay! :o) Also my liver function is up. I've been drinking water all the time. Yesterday was the first time in awhile that I had a Sprite. When I took my first sip, my eyes watered. :o) Then I just went back to water.
I've been trying to look what a high liver function is and haven't found anything.
If anyone might know, could you let me know? Thank you.
Today is my sister's (the one that said I was dead, meaning not very nice) birthday. I think she might be turning 40 this year. I was 5 when she was born. So if you're reading this (K), happy birthday. Thats another story in itself. <rolling eyes> 

Where to begin.....(NO....this is NOT complaining, just logging for others and myself) My daughter and the babies came over last night. I was just going to stay in bed. Just really need to make my lower back, hips and legs and feet feeling better. Those have been the parts that have really given me problems. She went to an oriantation for her new job and her husband works second shift, so we watched them until she was done. They are such good babies to watch. :o)
My that time my pain level was basically off the charts! It makes me cry, I hurt so bad. I only held Andrew when I was sitting down and he was handed to me. I wasn't feeling safe at all.
Again, during the day, when no one is here, I feel like I can just be myself and cry, hit something, throw things and yell! I still hold back a bit, (what I can) so others won't think I'm doing it for attention. Not at all!
I'm 45 years old and it just hit me that I feel way too young to have these and possibly more diseases, to live for the rest of my life. I kind of saden me.
Moving on.......
The time of day that my whole body hurts like hell is in the mornings and the evenings. Dh tries his best to help me rub some of the muscle cramps out. It really helps. I just need to say something real quick, I am still pretty hurt from those letters that my great aunt sent me. She doesn't believe that I even have what I do! Those two letters were bad enough to me, and I have her and my great uncle block from mailing me. I pray for people that are ignorant like that. Sad.
You know...I really need a vacation! I need to get out of here and just away! And yes, it is very true that when you have so much pains that your body just goes numb. It really does. I'm almost there. YAY!!! :o) Then my vacation begins. :o)
A nurse finally came and filled my pill despencer. I was out since Friday! I had all of these nuses come and not one of them even checked it! My main nurse comes on Thursday's, and she was here and put my meds in for always. Dh put my meds in little cups. I couldn't do it. I haven't done them on my own in so long, I wouldn't know where to start. Weird but true.
Oh...and yes, it is my great aunt that has me/body in a mess right now. She knows not what she has done.

I'm closing now!




specialadyfink said...

I asked mom(former nurse) she said it's an imbalance in the  enzymes function of the liver.
Loved the photos

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((LISA))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))I know you love it when your Grandbabys come to visit,I like it that something makes you smile and to help ease your pain some.Maybe it would help if you wrote to your Aunt and Uncle and tell them how you feel,or you could write a letter and not send it to them,sometimes that helps,if you write a letter,like you are writting to them.I thought that would help.I just dont like to see you hurt.