Sunday, March 26, 2006

another day to remember! yesterday so far in the morning was going fine...nothing out of the ordinary. Then I decided to go and get some money orders. I honestly don't remember what time that was, just that it was a bit after noon. I was going to go to Ulbrichs to get them, but I decided to just go someplace closer. I went over to The Dairy Mart. I had my walker with me. I went in and asked for some money orders, and the man told me that the machine was out until next month. I told him thank you and so I was going to go to the first place then. I walked out the doors and I moved my walker down the curb/step and then I stepped down and somehow I fell backwards and my back hit the curb/step and my head litterally bounced on the sidwalk! So I layed there with half my body on the pavement and the top on their sidewalk! This is what I remember. I know that my right shoe was all the way out of the parking lot and my walker hit my car, I was right there in front and beside my car. I always hold down my breaks when I do what I did to get down off of steps. But my breaks on my walker haven't been working right. I remember a man coming out and asking if I was ok and the back of my head was really killing me and my back and my left elbow. So he called the ambulance and once again I was put on a baord with a neck brace on and taken to the er. I was alone and I don't know if I passed out. One man said that he seen the whole thing. But I didn't think to ask him if I passed out or anything. I went through more x-rays and a CT scan. On the way in the ambulance, they took my blood pressure and it was extremly low so they started an iv in my wrist. I didn't even feel it! I've always been able to at least feel an iv in my wrist, but not this time. :o( That just shows that I've lost more on my left side. I called my husband to let him know what happened and to get my car. I remember going to sleep and wking up a lot at the hospital. It kept happening while I was getting my x-rays too. The doctor came in and told me that my x-rays and CT scan was fine so they gave me a shot and a script for Vicodine and I could go home. My husband came down to be with me so he took me home and got my script. I kept getting real dizzy the whole night and bad room spins and would get real hot all at once! Even when in bed! I don't know what that was all about, but I rode it out. I got up this morning at 6:30 and boy am I sore! My head and back and my left all of the other pains on top of that. My elbow has a big red bump on it. Just bruised it pretty good. I don't have a bump on my head, which is really surprising. My husband said that he will work on my breaks today for me. But they needed fixed for awhile now and I knew something like this would happen some day if they weren't fixed. I do thank God that I am not as injured as I could have been! I'm still pretty much out of it and in a lot of pain. With all of these tests that I've been having this month alone, I should be glowing and very magnetic! :o) But nothing lik any paper clips has stuck to me I must be fine! lol :o) Thats all for now, I'm still real dizzy...God bless you all and thanks for your comments. ;o)

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misswings60 said...

omg! honey are you alright? Why didn't you have Jim or Jay go to the store for you? I really worry about you going out alone. I know you want to do things on your own honey,but please be careful. I worry so much about you. I don't want anything bad happen to you. You have enough problems,you don't need anymore. If it sounds like I'm scolding you,well maybe alittle,honey because I really worry about you. You could have called me and I would have taken you to where anyplace you wanted to go. I'm not mad honey just worried. Okay? I love you honey. Mommy