Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A time to reflect......

Well.....I went to my doctors this morning. <sigh> I had MRI's, a bone scan and blood test done for him as well. I found out that I now have a total of 5 tumors on my spine. They are in the places that do hurt me the worse. My red bloods cells are high still. And...having a seizure disorder, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, osteoperosis on my spine, I also find out that I have somethings else wrong with me. He is sending me to another specialist in Dayton. He is a rheumitoidoligist. He told me a name of what it is, but is was long and I forgot it. I wasn't in the frame of mind at that time to even now my own name. He did say as soon as this specialist diagnosises me, then I can be treated for it and feel at least 50% better and in less pain. :o) Which is very good. :o) He is, however, very concerned with me falling as much as I do. My legs have gotten very weak, like my upper body has. I'm having a lot of trouble with walking and general things. I'm praying to hear very soon about the electric wheel chair. He told me that I really need to have it now. <sigh> So....I've been trying to deal with the fact of the things and abilties that I've lost and am losing, and the news I just got today. A bit hard to swallow, but will get through all of this. :o) God gave me these things for a reason, and I will ride them out! :o) I should feel pretty special that He picked me! :o)
I suppose thats all for now. God bless you all and keep the comments coming! :o)

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