Friday, March 31, 2006

A beautiful morning.......

Yesterday morning I got up at 12:30! uuuhhhh. I was fine up until around 3:00. I was wearing a summer night gown and was nice and cool. Until I got very dizzy and very over heated and real sick to my stomache. :o( I've been dizzy ever since I had that fall on Saturday. But....I get like this every now and then and I don't understand why. The er docter said that my head was fine and no fractures. When I walk around the house, I am so dizzy, I even tip a bit! Thats not safe as well. I laid on my bed, with my fan on high right on me, and I don't know if I passed out or what, but I did wake up at around 9:30! That really scares me when this happens. I don't know when I'm going to get that way until it happens. :o( I'll give it through the weekend, and if I'm not any better by Monday, I'm going to call my doctor. I've also noticed that my body is swollen as well. I don't know what that could be either. My face is so swollen that my sunglasses leave a mark on my face after I take them off.
Ok, now today.....On Wednesday agter my appointment, I went to Click Camera in Troy. They had an add from someone selling a Minolta Maxum 7 with the lens and flash and all the original boxes and manuals! All for $250.00! The lens costs more then that! Wow! My mom wanted to go look at it, and I now have the camera that I've always wanted! YAy! :o) I have a lot of reading to do to know how to use it! And it's only 4 years old. Not bad. :o) Home Health Aid will be here very soon so I need to get going! I'm really going to need her help today. :o) I hope she's up to it! lol :o)
God bless everyone, and thank you for your comments. :o)


kadoozie05 said...

ooooo I found a boo boo in your entry... Your home health aide was already there when you wrote this... I know becuase hey that is me! hehe!shame on you.....but wait? while you were typing I was eating my lunch!haha!
luv ya
hope you had a good day lol
and yes I am willing to model for you !lol

p.s. I have totally seen much worse! we will keep that our inside secret!yay!

seraphoflove9001 said...

LOL.....Yep, you're right! oooppss! :O) And yeppers...we will keep that our secret! LOL. :o)