Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another good day!

Yesterday I didn't get the rest that I had planned on, but my strength is slowly coming back. :o) I was real dizzy as well. I don't know why, but I did have a hard time keeping my balance. My home health care aid came and got a lot done for me. :o) Boy do I appreciate that. :o)
My daughter's wrist seems to be feeling better. And thats good. My son's face is looking a bit better....just wish he would have went to the er to make sure that nothing is broken. His right cheeck bone and his nose still looks bad to me. :o( At least he is able to see out of his left eye now. Whew!
I'm still having some problems with talking. I don't get it. It just seems that it takes so much energy to talk. Like I'm using too much of the muscle in that area. I don't know. My swollowing is still the same, I still choke a lot. Maybe it has something to do with the multiple sclerosis? I have no idea. I still don't know anything about it as well as much about the fibro. It's all starting to run together to me, if that makes sence? My physical therapist will be coming this morning. YAY! :o) Maybe she can answer some of my questions? Tomorrow I have to go get more MRI's done. Oh boy! :o) Hopefully they'll show more stuff for the doctors. :o)
Other then my physical therapist coming today, I don't have any plans. All I want to do is get some rest. My body really needs it. Soooo, on the note....thank you for your comments and keep them coming! :o) God bless you!

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