Monday, March 20, 2006


I just got a physical therapist is sick and won't be coming this morning. I hope she feels better. :o)
I has such a great weekend! My husband and I babysat our grandson overnight on Saturday! YAY! :o) and boy is he a! :o) I can't wait to be able to do it again! My daughter and my grandson will be spending the night tonight because tomorrow is laundry day for her. I can't wait! :o)
Everything went great over the weekend. My husband was measuring the doorways and outside to start building me a ramp, and to put little ramps on the doors to make it easier for me to get in and out of them as well. :o) Next week he's going to start on this project! :o) It will make it so much easier for me. :o) Our back door is the hardest for me to use because of the doors. And those are going to be the ones that will be started on first! Yes! :o) Things are really falling into place lately! :o)
Today all I have planned is to rest in my bed and do some reading. I need to get the rest I lost over the weekend.....I didn't sleep Saturday night. lol I slept Friday night and last night! Yikes! so...I really need to rest my body up! :o) I looked like a walking zombie! lol I could barely even speak! I missed the yearly Lady's Auxillary Dinner yesterday. :o( They understand. I will go next year. :o) (I belong to the Troy Eagles) My best friend went, so she will let me know what I missed. :o)
I have been thinking for awhile now about something that I'd love to have. I know, this is a "want" and not a "need." But I was a model a few years back before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Now, I would love to be a photographer! I absolutly love to take photo's! Of course my family and friends know that! lol :o) My best friend bought her ex husband a 45 mm camera with almost everything that you could get for it. I would love to have a camera like that one! It takes great photo's and is the one that would be the best for me. It cost her a lot of money, but that is a dream of be a photographer! :o) I know it probably sounds silly, but I want to be on the other end now, and take photo's of my grandson! :o) I'll put that on "What I want for my birthday" list! lol :o)
I have all of my needs, now I have a "want!" :o) And thats it! :o)
We have a winter storm warning out for today. Geesh! And today is the first day of Spring! Thats Ohio weather for you!
Well...I've chatted enough for now. Thank you for you comments and please keep them coming! God bless you all! :o)

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