Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today is a rest day for me. :o)

Monday night was great. :o) My daughter and the baby spent the night......and then on Tuesday's is her laundry day. The baby is teething and the doctor said that he is getting 4 of his upper teeth in all at once! Ouchie! The poor thing is in so much pain. :o( My daughter has been having a lot of pain in her right wrist lately and it was pretty bad yesterday. She could hardly use her right hand. She went to the er to get it checked. She came back with a wrist brace on and she has tendonitisis. :o( I let her know if she needed any help with the baby that I'd be here for her. Bless her heart!
Today is going to be a rest day for me. I really need it. I've been doing way too much for my body. And it's taken a toll on it. I am very weak in my upper body and my lower body. I feel so limp and very weak. So I'm relying on my back for support and it's in a lot of pain as thats not helping very much. Geesh! I really had fun though yesterday with my daughter and grandson! :o) Boy is he a handful now! Yikes! lol :o) My son's face is looking a bit better, but he says it is in a lot of pain. :o( He told me that he has learned a vaulble lesson. I'm so glad. :o)
My Home Health Care person comes today. I'm reaaly glad because I need the help today! :o)
Thats all for now. Please keep the comments they do help me not feel so alone in this. :o) God bless you! :o)

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misswings60 said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and Nena had a great day. I hope Buga-boo is feeling better today,and Nena too. What happened to Jay's face? :0) Hope you get the rest you need today honey I Love You.