Friday, March 17, 2006

The Lord has us in His hands! :o)

I am in one of the best moods that I've been in for such a long time now! :o) When you ask God, you will recieve! :o) My family was blessed yesterday with good prevailing over evil! :o)
My daughter called me yesterday morning asking for me to come over. Of course I did. :o) My grandson was crying and had a fever. I prayed before I left for him to heal. When I got there, I held him and his fever went away and he was right back to being himself! YAY! :o) What it is, is he's teething again. He is getting his upper teeth! :o) It looks as though it could be 3 or 4 of them! Yikes! My daughter and I spent the day together talking and having fun together once again! :o) I felt our closeness back again! YAY! :o) She wanted to let me know that she had been doing a lot of thinging on her own and had come up with a lot of the things that were told to her by this evil person didn't pan out to be true! She had to realize that and see that for herself..nothing I could do or say would convince her of what I had already knew. So...she really wanted to come over to talk to my husband as well about a few things! :o) It was great! I had put this situation in God's hands, and He took care of it! :o) As a friend of mine told me yesterday....I must be on the right path for evil to keep testing me! Thank you for reminding me of that! :o) It is so true! But....the evil didn't win when it came to my family! Yessss! :o) My husband is feeling better with his blood pressure. :o) which makes me feel better. :o) The truth will always come out some time or another no matter what! :o)
I went and got my blood tests done early yesterday morning. They told me that I needed to schedule the MRI tests myself. I thought that to be odd, but I came home and done just that. So, as soon as I hear back from the neurologist, I'll know when the appointment for those.
I slept pretty good last night. I got up at 3:00, but I actually had no interuptions while sleeping. :o) My mind and body are so exhausted from the trials I've been going through. Whew! And knowing that thins will be back to normal in our family helped as well. :o) I am very sore and in a lot of pain, but I will manage. My stress level has gone down considerably!
I want to thank you for your comments and support through all of this and God bless you! :o)


misswings60 said...

Lisa,I'm so glad to here that you and our little Princess are finally talking and close again. I'm also glad to here your pain level has went down. And yes,you are right about prayer. I'll keep praying for all the evil to stay away from your door honey. I love you honey and I don't want any bad things happen to you or your family. You just take care of number 1, you. Let me know when your appointment is honey and i'll take you. :0)

seraphoflove9001 said...


Thank you so much for understanding me. :o) And I'll never stop praying! I have the strength and faith to where I'll always land on my two feet! :o) The Hands of God are taking care of Jim, Nena and I right now and the healing has now started! :o) I love you mom! :o) I'll let you know. :o)